Marketo Templates: Adapt to Change With FLEX Email and Landing Page Templates

EDITOR’S NOTE: This webinar on Marketo templates originally appeared as session 1 at Digital Pi’s Marketo Top Tips Event October 28-29, 2020

Whether you have a small team, need to make a quick pivot, or want to get more creative in your designs, Marketo landing page templates can be a roadblock. Not all marketers have a web developer in-house. For those that do, the options are typically either a very simple template or a long turn around time.

The answer? Flexible templates that bridge the gap between customization and ease-of-use.

In Template Takeover: Adapt to Change With Flexible Templates and More, we talk to Alison Gardner, Freeman, to discuss how to use templates to tackle common Marketo design challenges. Then, we go “behind the scenes” with Dave Roberts, Digital Pi developer, and “father” of the FLEX template system.

Small Team, Big Goals

We’ve all been there; your scrappy marketing team has big goals and even grander ideas. But not the resources. Alison and her team at Freeman found themselves relying on primarily text-based emails and didn’t even utilize Marketo landing pages.

As a result, website landing pages could take weeks for a developer to create and the pages were one-offs. The key to using Marketo Engage at scale is to create templates—re-usable, repeatable and reliable.

FLEX Landing Page Development Process

Digital Pi FLEX templates aren’t rigid and neither is the process to create them. During this webinar, Alison shares her experience working with our development team to create responsive, on-brand designs with drag and drop or toggle on/off functionality.

It’s important that any transition appears seamless to your audience. Check out this session for tips on how to deploy email and landing page templates so you can adapt without missing a beat!

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