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Put The Leading B2B Marketing Attribution Tool to Work for You

Tracking which marketing efforts are most effective in driving revenue is essential to smarter marketing spend and great success. But marketing attribution is tricky—especially without the right tools, framework or expertise required to configure, manage, and interpret the results.  

Bizible provides automatic, omni-channel, multi-touch attribution, providing visibility into which channels are driving the most customer engagement, allowing you to optimize your marketing spend accordingly. But to make Bizible work for you, it takes time and expertise to configure, manage, and interpret the results. From project kick-off to analytics enablement, our Bizible experts help your company achieve success with Bizible’s sophisticated marketing attribution reporting.

Expert Bizible Consulting at All Stages

Businesses often face challenges around setting up Bizible properly and interpreting the results after setup. These issues, combined with turnover and resourcing challenges, can impact the organization’s ability to drive adoption and realize ROI.

Our approach ensures your Bizible implementation is optimized to deliver trusted data and that your team is prepared to put Bizible’s attribution insights to work.

Strategize for Success

We'll review your marketing analytics goals and current state of attribution, so we can advise on processes, models, data flow, and other areas to best fit your business needs and goals.

Configure Your Instance

Bizible isn't a stand-alone tool. We'll help you configure your channel and subchannel framework, CRM activity touchpoints, stage mapping, ad platforms, and more.

Report on What Matters

Reports are only useful if you'll use them. We'll work with your stakeholders to develop and customize reports that compliment your existing Marketo, CRM, and native Bizible reports.

Attribution is a Journey

Digital Pi has the map

Attribution reporting is not a project or a deliverable – it’s an ongoing process that ties your data, reports, and insights together to understand where your business is, where it can go, and how to get there.

How We Help

Best Practice Foundation

[ Up and Running in 60-90 Days ]

Bizible Implementation & Optimization

Whether your Bizible is fresh out of the box or needs untangling, we’ll help you create a strong foundation custom fit to your needs and goals.​

No two businesses are exactly alike. We’ll leverage our expansive experience to help you develop a custom strategy that meets your unique business needs. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that includes:

  • KPI Strategy Sessions
  • Program Assessment
  • Lead Gen Plan Review

Alignment and adoption are key to success. We’ll work with you to create Bizible use-case scenarios, identify stakeholders, and define an education plan to drive adoption across your organization.

Channel Framework and Config• Program Success Definitions• Touchpoint Framework• Stage Mapping • System Deployment for Website (UTM)• Marketing Spend Inputs• Set of Baseline Reports• Training and Handoff

Monthly Managed Services

[ 3, 6, and 12 Month Options ]

Analytics as a Service

Add a Bizible expert to your team who will help optimize your marketing with reports, dashboards, and analysis of your unique Bizible results.​

Put insights to work with your analytics expert who can help you optimize your marketing with reports, dashboards and analysis.
  • Ongoing Analysis of Marketing Performance
  • Continued Bizible Configuration and Support
  • Attribution Modeling for Specific Business Needs
  • Managing Relevant Touchpoints
  • Dashboard Building
  • Creation of Reports Mapped to KPIs
  • Ongoing Reporting Support
  • Strategic Insights
  • Training and Enablement as Needed

The Merkle B2B difference

Unparalleled experience for a holistic approach to marketing

You’ll benefit from the combined experience of Digital Pi’s well-established marketing technology expertise joined with Merkle’s B2B Analytics team of experts. 

Our team approach ensures your Bizible implementation is optimized to deliver trusted data and that your team is prepared to put Bizible’s attribution insights to work.     

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

We can help you navigate the nuances of multi-touch attribution and Bizible implementation

Digital Pi Bizible experts can help you get to the revenue attribution insights you want and help you put them to work for your business. The ability to optimize your marketing and channel mix at every stage of your demand funnel can be yours—but first you need to configure Bizible for your unique technology environment and business requirements.  That means you need experts who know how to connect Bizible to every touchpoint from UTM parameters to CRM activities and more. Digital Pi is the ideal partner to get your Bizible collecting all your touchpoints correctly and efficiently.

Let’s prove and improve your marketing efforts.

Save Time, Save Money

We follow a detailed project plan to evaluate your technology environment and optimize Bizible on a predictable path

Connect The Dots for Full Integration

Bizible integrates with a wide variety of marketing and sales technologies that require experts that know how to create reliable, sustainable connections.

Trust Bizible

Know and show your revenue attribution with confidence, knowing it’s set up correctly by experienced marketers with your unique needs in mind.

Optimize, Rinse, Repeat

Once you have Bizible dialed in, put your new insights to work. Optimize your marketing and get everyone on the same page with Digital Pi’s B2B marketing analytics experts.

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