Data Services

Is dirty data limiting your success?

Campaigns and reports are only
as reliable as the data they’re built on

Dirty data costs enterprise organizations at least $4 million annually.* Duplicates increase your martech licensing costs as they count (twice!) against your database limits. Lead scoring, nurture streams, campaign performance reports—nothing is working for you the way it should be if the data isn’t clean. 

Not only does poor data quality limit your success, but your data could also be negatively impacting Marketing’s relationship with Sales, clients, and leads

Whether you’re looking for custom duplicate clean-up, data normalization, an “undo” import, we can help you regain control of your data—fast.

Digital Pi Data Services Suite

We’re here to serve your unique needs. Our team’s combined decades of experience allows us to provide you expert guidance including best practices for integrating partner solutions like RingLead, LeanData, Leadspace, and more. You can leverage each service independently or in conjunction with our other services, such as a migration or CRM synchronization.

Data DeDupe

This white-glove service reduces data duplication problems. There is no need to learn software or get training on new processes. Digital Pi consults with you to develop a custom merge script that meets business needs and identifies duplicates in Marketo on a one-time basis.

Data Rewind

Have you ever updated your Marketo with bad data? Imported a list that overwrote essential fields, or with the wrong fields? Need to capture original data collected that was normalized for an audit? Digital Pi Rewind reverts data back to a prior stage using our custom API Marketo scripts.

Data Normalize

Whether it’s lead scoring, lead routing, or intelligence sharing; your data should be consistent to ensure proper flow through these processes. With Digital Pi’s Marketo normalization campaigns in place, that data gets adjusted as it hits the system to eliminate data inconsistencies.

We’ll work with you to define rules that match your business needs and significantly reduce those pesky duplicates. Our rules-based, point-in-time service allows for a one-time mass clean-up of duplicate records.

For ongoing duplication management, we recommend purchasing a deduplication product or running the Digital Pi Dedupe service periodically

  • The Marketo API only supports deduplication for SalesForce CRM (Microsoft Dynamics not supported).
  • Duplicate removal will only sync to CRM if proper permissions and validation rules are set on the CRM side.

This one-time service will help you identify and clean up duplicates in your Marketo system.

  • Digital Pi will consult with you to develop a custom merge script to meet your business needs.
  • Identify and reduce duplicates in your Marketo system on a one-time basis.
  • Set custom rules to determine the winning lead ( for example “the oldest Contact-type wins unless an important custom field is a particular value”)
  • Selectively update the winning record’s fields to override Marketo’s default merge logic.
  • Run a “preview” to identify the merges and updates that will be made for review before updating any records.

Digital Pi DeDupe starts at $7,500 for databases up to 1 million records with up to three duplicate passes. Additional charges may apply depending on the complexity of your required custom merge rules and to help debug Merge issues due to SalesForce permissions and validation rules.

Data updates, mistakes, or overrides can cause panic. Have you ever updated your Marketo with the wrong data? Imported a list that overwrote essential fields? Or the wrong fields? Want to capture original data collected that was normalized for auditing purposes?

Digital Pi Rewind reverts your data back to a prior stage. What may be overwritten, might be restorable. We’ll use our custom API Marketo script s to grab values from the Marketo Activity Log and restore them back to their original form, or mine and analyze for future analysis.

  • Recover data from a previous time period for review.
  • Restore values that were overwritten or Prepare data for future analysis

Starting at $5,000 for databases up to 1 million records, the Digital Pi rewind should be performed on a timely basis to ensure optimal results, as Marketo purges some data from the activity log within 90 days.

Different versions of the same data can wreak havoc on a system. With Digital Pi’s set of Marketo normalization campaigns and processes in place, that data will get adjusted as it hits the system to eliminate data inconsistencies.

For example, your CRM may require a two-digit State value. If you import a list of leads into Marketo with a State value of Rhode Island, your CRM would likely reject the record and cause data sync issues.

In other cases, you might have hundreds of forms with slightly different pick lists. Editing every single form is both time intensive and error prone.

With Digital Pi’s set of Marketo normalization campaigns in place, that data will get adjusted as it hits the system to eliminate data inconsistencies. We can even do this at the form level through APIs before that data hits your system.

  • Example campaigns include: State (Colorado = CO)
  • Country (United States = US) n Industry (BioTech = Biotechnology)
  • First and Last Name Title case (ben = Ben)

Investment depends on needs.


Data changes may impact other existing processes such as lead scoring, alerts and other Marketo processes. We highly recommend auditing some of those ongoing campaigns to avoid any potential disruptions. One-time cleanup services are also available.

* Source: Integrate: The Cost of Bad Leads

Get in touch today for better data tomorrow

What makes Digital Pi’s Data Services different?


We created our Data Services Suite for a fast turnaround. With no additional software or long-term licenses required, we can get in touch today, for better data tomorrow.

Put your data to work for you.

Discover a smarter way to de-dupe

We’ll consult with you to develop a custom merge script that meets business needs and identifies duplicates. No more wasting time manually comparing records and merging leads.

Hit ctrl+z on a bad import

We’ve all been there: rushing an import only to find you mapped to the wrong fields, overwrote information, or updated with bad data. Don’t waste time (and API calls) with manual corrections. Our custom scripts can restore your data to a prior stage.

Standardize your data for success

Normalize important fields as soon as leads are created to eliminate inconsistencies and prevent issues with lead scoring, lead routing, intelligence sharing, and reporting.

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