You're not hiring us.
You're growing your marketing team.

Our Services

While Digital Pi is well-known in the Marketo consulting space for our tremendous operational and architectural services, we are so much more. While we use the terms “customers” and “clients” to refer to the organizations that hire us, in reality we are strategic partners in success. We consider ourselves a part of their marketing team, and our services often touch every single aspect of their marketing operations. From high-level business strategy to daily campaign operation, to marketing technology system selection, implementation and integration.


Scale Smarter

We make the marketing technology systems you invest in make sense (and dollars!). From selection through implementation and beyond, we set you up with the tools and knowledge you need to scale your marketing as business requirements change.

Measure Success

We use our proprietary Gold Standard to lay the path for long-term marketing success. With proven-effective strategies that are repeatable and results that are truly measurable, you will be able to accurately attribute revenue to marketing efforts.

Our Commitment To Your Success

If you are a brand who wants to dramatically scale your business and drive growth, we’d love to talk shop. We promise you will see significant improvement in reporting, operational efficiency, and program results in less than three months after we implement our Gold Standard framework. We’ll be your partner in maintaining that excellence over the long term.

Lead Generation


As a Marketo Platinum Partner with multiple Marketo Certified Experts and Marketo Champions on our team, Digital Pi is highly qualified to provide technical, operational and strategic marketing services to Marketo customers.
Marketing Automation


Digital Pi provides technical, operational and strategic marketing services to B2C businesses using Iterable's growth marketing platform for cross-channel customer engagement.
Extend to Your Marketing Stack

Gold Standard+

A framework that leverages the native capabilities of Marketo and other martech platforms, The Gold Standard creates a predictable approach to the process, design and optimization of measurable, repeatable and scalable marketing strategies.