Marketing Automation Migration Services

What's a marketing automation migration?

Move from one platform to another

The migration process involves transferring large amounts of sensitive data, creating new templates and assets, integrating your other marketing tools, transitioning active campaigns, and setting up the platform to scale and fit your business needs.

Fortunately, Digital Pi can manage your migration start-to-finish, so you can focus on what you do best: marketing. Best of all, a migration can happen without disrupting campaign operations saving you time, money, and headaches.

Migrating platforms sounds simple at first. You’re just moving lists of leads and recreating email designs, right? Not exactly.

Careful consideration is required to correctly sync your CRM and minimize disruption to your campaign activities. We’ll help you keep your data secure and avoid common pitfalls for a seamless transition.

A marketing automation platform migration is the perfect opportunity to better align your processes with your goals and ensure your team is prepared for the new system.

Our expert consultants will work with key stakeholders to help you determine the right migration strategy for your business, from selection through implementation.

More than moving lists and designs

Create a foundation for long-term success

Where do you go when you outgrow your technology?

When Beckman Coulter found Salesforce Pardot unable to keep pace with their growing business needs, they turned to Digital Pi for help and took their marketing automation to the next level.

“If you have someone that has done this before, they know the pitfalls ahead of time and can help you through those. I highly recommend going through a migration with a partner.”

Let us do the heavy lifting

Migrate platforms without disrupting your active marketing campaigns

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing marketing automation platform to Marketo Engage or Oracle Eloqua, or create a new instance within your current platform, we can help you avoid common pitfalls and create a plan long-term success.

Let us know where we can help.

Plan for long-term success

We have led countless marketing automation platform migrations and there is one constant in our success: planning. Leverage our experience and let our team manage your marketing automation migration.

Upgrade your platform for new capabilities

If your current system doesn’t provide the functionality your business needs, a migration to Marketo Engage or Oracle Eloqua could dramatically increase your marketing performance—with minimal interruption to your campaign activity.

Make our expertise your experience

With our guidance, Poly migrated to a best-in-class Marketo Engage instance in just 90 days. Their typical project effort was reduced by 66% and their revenue increased $3M in 6 months thanks to improved lifecycle monitoring.

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