Campaign Services Desk

What is Campaign Services Desk?

Put your ideas into action

Get back to what you do best: connecting with your audience and generating revenue while Digital Pi handles building emails, landing pages, and programs.

Our Campaign Services Desk will build, launch, and monitor your marketing campaigns. Designed with efficiency and reporting in mind, you’ll enjoy superior execution of your campaigns, while leveraging best practices. 

Are you ready to scale your marketing efforts without adding to your headcount? Our team can ensure your campaigns will run smoothly from kick-off to KPI.

We serve as extended staff to support day-to-day operations. Marketing initiatives are kept on track, best practices are implemented, and resources can be reallocated to meet business demands. You’ll receive a dedicated team trained in our Gold Standard foundation to optimize your organization’s processes and preferences.

Do you want to send 25 emails across 5 segments in 4 geographies? Is your team getting burned out managing monthly webinars? Campaign Services Desk keeps your marketing initiatives on track so your resources can be reallocated to meet business demands. Just let us know where we can help.

How does the Campaign Services Desk work?

Do more with less

Your goals are our goals.

Drive superior campaign execution.

With campaign services at your fingertips, you can put your content to work for you without taxing your team. Our expert marketing technologists will ensure your campaigns run smoothly, help establish streamlined processes, and design programs that follow best practices. 

Let us know where we can help.

Campaign Requests Simplified

Digital Pi will institute a ticketing system so that your team can easily submit new content and always know the status of your campaigns. 

Already have a ticketing system in place? We’re well-versed in Jira, Trello, and other project management software. Wherever you work, we’ll meet you there.

Designed with Reporting in Mind

Reporting shouldn’t be an after-thought. Campaigns are designed with visibility in mind, so you’ll know what’s working—and what needs work. Keep your executive leadership in the loop with dedicated KPIs that make you look great.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Whether your team is inexperienced or simply pressed for time, our Campaign Services Desk allows your team to focus on what’s most important: connecting with your audience and generating revenue.

Maximize your content production without worrying about execution. We handle build emails, landing pages, programs and reports to support your initiatives.

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