Microsoft Dynamics Expert Services

Optimize your Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Overcome limitations and augment native sync capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo make a great team — if you know the secret to making them play well together. Digital Pi has specialized expertise to help Dynamics CRM customers make the most of these two powerful platforms.

Whether you’re launching Dynamics or migrating platforms, we have the proven technical, operational and strategic expertise to help you maximize your investments — just ask our MS Dynamics customers.

Align your tech to your business goals​

We can help you navigate the nuances of a Dynamics CRM synchronization

It’s hard to reach scalable, repeatable success if you don’t know how to get there. Starting with an assessment will help you better understand your organization and align your people, processes, and platform.

Let’s deep dive into your marketing goals.

Sync Programs to Campaigns—yes, even in Marketo

Marketo’s native connector to Dynamics does not support the synchronization of Marketo programs to Dynamics campaigns. In a Salesforce ecosystem, many rely on this Sync to Campaign functionality for campaign-based reporting from their CRM, but the campaign sync is not available in Dynamics. We have a proven solution to sync Marketo programs and members to DCRM campaigns to enable better reporting and insights in Dynamics.

Don't trash disqualified leads, nurture them

Disqualifying leads with DCRM’s native Disqualify button has an unfortunate side effect: updates from Marketo stop syncing to Dynamics, thus preventing hand-raisers from reaching Sales. However, we can help you overcome sync issues like this and enable leads to be nurtured back through your funnel—and back to Sales.

Leverage specialized expert knowledge

A talented email marketing manager may not know the first thing about lead routing, just as a demand gen specialist may not know the first thing about CRM integration. But as an extension of your team, you’ll have access to experts in every aspect of marketing technology and best practices for scaling globally.

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