Marketing Technology Assessment

Get your systems on the fast-track to success

Go from stuck to soaring​

The first step to problem solving is to identify the problem. But marketing automation, CRM, and other technology integrations can weave a tangled web. 

Tap into our wealth of knowledge to pin-point, inefficiencies and get your technology back on track to achieve your specific goals.

Our consultants have thousands of hours of experience troubleshooting systems, managing implementations, coordinating deployments, and strategically reviewing marketing technology integrations. 

Let us help you untangle your technology so you can focus on marketing.

Sometimes, the key to success isn’t the latest and greatest technology. It’s not the tools, but rather how you use them.

If you’re considering a new marketing technology, we can share what’s worked—and failed—for similar organizations so you can confidently move forward.

We may also know a trick or two to help you get more out of your current martech stack, or we can help you make the case for that new investment.

Digital Pi is platform-agnostic.

We specialize in Marketo Engage, Salesforce Pardot, and Oracle Eloqua, plus the many integrations and tools available for these platforms.

We also partner with Uberflip content management, LeanData lead-routing, Leadspace CDP, PFL sales enablement, Integrate lead integration, and ON24 webinar platform.

Identify the best tools for your unique needs

We put people before platforms

Harness the full power of your martech stack​

Uncover opportunities for optimization and improvement​

A Marketing Technology Optimization Consultation can help you gain a clear understanding of where your business is today, so you can plan for a better tomorrow. During a consultation, we work together to understand your goals and measures for success.

Your success depends on more than the technological tools, though. Our consultations are customized to fit your goals and take a wholistic approach to marketing by focusing on three areas: data, systems, and reporting.

Capture the current state of your marketing automation and integrated systems in order to understand where to improve effectiveness. 

Interview one or more stakeholders for understanding and alignment on top 3 business objectives.
Look at key areas and uncover opportunities to reduce risk and increase marketing ROI. 

Our Process

Our 3-step process will help you better understand your business by capturing the current state of your technology, identifying and aligning on top business objectives, and digging deep into the areas of most importance for your goals and struggles.

Are you getting the most out of your investment?

Uncover gaps and areas for optimization

A Marketing Technology Optimization Consultation goes well beyond your marketing technology. We’ll review the following areas to identify opportunities for improvement:

Get the roadmap to marketing automation success​

An assessment is the best way to understand your vision.

It’s hard to reach scalable, repeatable success if you don’t know how to get there. Starting with an assessment will help you better understand your organization and align your people, processes, and platform.

Let’s deep dive into your marketing goals.

Stop leaving opportunities on the table

Inefficient processes, incompatible technologies, leaky funnels…there’s infinite ways to loose steam before you see success. We can help you find a clear path forward for immediate improvements and long-term growth.

Leverage specialized expert knowledge

A talented email marketing manager may not know the first thing about lead routing, just as a demand gen specialist may not know the first thing about CRM integration. But as an extension of your team, you’ll have access to experts in every aspect of marketing technology and best practices for scaling globally.

Build the case for additional technology

Maybe you’ve already identified the gap in your resources that’s holding you back, whether it’s technology, talent, or time. Or maybe you’re completely unsure. In any case, an assessment can help you identify the best path forward and support your requests for additional resources.

Optimize your systems and streamline your stack

Marketing technologies require maintenance to keep running the way they should.
  • Is your current martech stack performing optimally?
  • Are your tools integrated and tuned to reach your goals?
  • Does your team feel empowered and ready to meet future marketing challenges head-on with the tools available?
  • Are you interested in additional marketing technology but are unsure how to make it fit with your stack?

Receive actionable insights specific to your programs​

Whether you’re struggling with data management, strategy, or malaligned technologies, we’ll present your team a plan for optimizing your lead-to-revenue processes and marketing automation programs.

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