Make Friends with Marketo [Webinar]

How to Get What You Want from Your MOps Investment

Bad data, technical debt, admin turnover, and disjointed campaigns are resulting in inefficiencies, misalignment, and poor reporting for your marketing team.

So, how do you get your Marketo back on track? Where do you start?

In this session, gain insights based on lessons learned from hundreds of Digital Pi client projects:

  • Learn which key areas of Marketo should be reviewed to scale efficiently
  • Create a prioritized roadmap to drive short and long-term success
  • Build internal alignment around Marketo and process changes across the organization—an often-overlooked and essential step
  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses… so you can get rid of the weaknesses
  • Get results today with several tips you can implement after the session

Who is this webinar for?

Marketo Practitioners – practitioners are often in the weeds and need a clear plan of how to prioritize Marketo optimization, leave the webinar knowing where to look for issues and how to address them.

MOps Team Leaders – MOps team leaders may not be aware of the complexities involved with looking under the hood of the marchitecture in their system to understand which investments are paying off, we will cover that too!

Presented by:

Madelyne Oliver, Senior Director of Client Strategy, Digital Pi

Jenna Borrelli, Senior Manager of Client Services, Digital Pi

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