In-House vs. Agency Marketing Operations: Pros, Cons, & Cost

Modern marketing leaders are responsible for the success of their team. Most are challenged to show how marketing impacts revenue, aligns marketing strategy and execution with corporate goals, and keep costs down while also scaling the business.

Whether you’re a mid-sized business hoping to boost marketing efficiency or an enterprise-level company hoping to expand into new or global territories, the right marketing automation platform (MAP) can help. Your marketing relies heavily on the systems you have in place. These systems help define your strategies, identify metrics, generate leads, manage data, and deliver a framework for the efficient, effective performance of your marketing initiatives. 

But just having the technology isn’t enough. Your company will need experts in the field of marketing operations (MOps) to succeed.

What is the proper balance of external expertise and internal resources to accomplish your goals? Should you decentralize your marketing operations or create a Center of Excellence?

In this ebook, we explore the considerations around creating a best-in-class marketing operations team and when it makes sense to take initiatives in-house (and when it doesn’t). We’ll also share a model to help you plan your investment and figure out how much outsourcing costs.

Delegating marketing operations functions to a third party is an efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish goals. If you’re trying to break into international markets, overwhelmed by automation technology, need help leveraging lead generation, or you want to see ROI more quickly, you can find the answers you need here.


  • Introduction
  • How Do Companies Usually Work With Marketing Operations Agencies?
  • Question 1: Should We Centralize or Decentralize Our Operations?
  • Question 2: Can We Scale Faster In-House Or With An Agency? Or Both?
  • Question 3: How Do We Deliver Campaigns With Quality And Speed?
  • Question 4: How Do We Scale Globally?
  • Question 5: How Much Do Managed Services Cost?
  • Summary: Is Leveraging An Agency Right For Your Business?

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