Marketing Tactics: The Backbone of Marketo Engage Best Practices Infrastructure

This blog is part 3 in our series on setting your marketing up for scale using the Gold Standard – our signature framework consisting of a series of foundational processes and corresponding deliverables focusing on strategic marketing as well as technical and campaign operational services. Need to catch up? Our series starts here.

In our last blog in our Gold Standard series, we discussed the technical set up requirements and approach that the Digital Pi team is well versed in. This foundational architecture and platform integration ensures a logical handshake between the CRM and Marketo Engage platforms. Once the framework of the system is set up, the Marketing Tactics element of the Gold Standard becomes the primary focus as it is truly the backbone for a successful Marketo Engage build. 

This phase begins with an assessment of the existing configuration and a discussion to better understand the types of Marketing campaigns and efforts conducted by the marketing team. This allows the Digital Pi consultants to present and suggest a tailored set of Marketo Channels that suit the client’s specific needs while remaining true to best practices. Upon approval of the channels and their statuses, we configure a handful of pre-built and ready to use program templates. By using these templates, the MOPs team will have access to quick, easy, and scalable program builds that will minimize errors and capitalize on performance. 

Our consultants are knowledgeable and thorough in their discussions and recommendations on this topic and help translate the big picture and the ins and outs of channels, programs, statuses, and successes to ensure that all stakeholders on the client side have a strong understanding of the business purpose and value of the architecture.
These discussions include details such as:

  • Channels: Defining which channels to consider and making recommendations to align with reporting needs
  • Success steps: Discussing how to properly attribute success without over- or under- crediting Marketing’s contribution
  • Tags: Establishing a strong tagging strategy to enable further reporting flexibility and scalable growth for the future of program builds
  • Acquisition: Coupled with conversations and deliverables in the Gold Standard Data Management and Lead Sourcing pieces, the Digital Pi consultants will walk through the value and the nuances of capturing Acquisition Program for new leads entering the database

Configuring a sound and practical set of channels to support the team’s marketing efforts will enable Marketo Engage clients to gain greater insight into Marketing’s contribution to the company’s pipeline and revenue as well as make intelligent business decisions for future Marketing spend.

This particular component of the Gold Standard sets the stage for future elements such as Lead Sourcing, Lead Scoring, and the Prospect Lifecycle. 
After the deep dive discussions and implementation of Marketing Tactics, the MOPs team will feel confident in their understanding of and the framework established for all future Marketo programs. 

The next step in the Gold Standard project delivery is evaluating the tools in the Marketing Technology Stack and the data flow and integrations in the Marchitecture module. Stay tuned for the next blog in the series to learn more about how the Digital Pi developers and strategists work together to validate and design the remainder of your Marketo Engage architecture. 
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