How Healthy is Your Marketo Instance?

Got leads? Know how they came in? Know where they are in your nurture process? Know how to score them?

If you answered yes, then bravo! But, it’s most likely that you aren’t quite clear on these answers and lead processes. We find, more times than not, that when it comes to lead management marketers face more questions than answers.

So, how do you get clarity on your process and determine where you can improve? Top Tips include:

  • Why lead management stumps marketers and is one of the most complex processes every business faces
  • Tricks to uncovering your process based on lessons learned from Digital Pi Client projects
  • How an assessment works and why, even if you did answer yes to the above, it’s always a good idea to direct, learn, and improve


Jenna Borrelli, Manager, Client Services, Digital Pi

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