Nurture and Order in Marketo Engage

It’s not quite Law and Order, but if you follow the laws for inventorying content then your customer journey and experience will be in good order!

Determining which content to send and when to send it is not a new concept. But it does take some deeper thought with the extensive content libraries that most companies have. 

Inventory Your Content

Look at all the content that exists within your organization. Use a spreadsheet to organize your content into webinars, videos blog posts, research, important news, etc. Once you have all this content in one place, this list will help you develop the content for the stages that you will create. Reviewing which media resonates the most with the audience can inform the strategy. 

You may discover you lack some areas or types of content and need to create case studies or other documents. Inventory landing pages, emails, and other content within Marketo Engage to complement your overall content inventory strategy. 

Example of Content Inventory Spreadsheet

Nurture Journey Mapping In Marketo Engage

The first rule of content mapping: map that content to the content journey itself.

Where does an eBook on technical comparisons sit versus a three-minute tour of your product? To keep your audience on a journey that makes sense and brings engagement, you must pay attention to the order in which content is sent during their journey. 

Don’t limit your content options. Nurture is a living, breathing thing that includes both timely content like webinar invites alongside evergreen content. 

– The Ultimate Guide to Nurture Programs in Market Engage

Nurture Journey Mapping

Develop Content for Your Stream 

As you develop emails and landing pages to send leads to your content, keep track of that content within a spreadsheet or shared document. This will make it easier to build actual nurturing emails late 

Get your Nurture Content in order with a strategy for inventorying content and building the experience.

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