Simplified template development.
No developer required.

FLEX templates bridge the gap between customization and ease-of-use.

As marketers, the ability to quickly customize layouts, swap out sections, or adjust the details of a landing page or email template is extremely valuable for efficiency’s sake – and before now, a developer was required. FLEX simplifies template development. Working natively within Marketo, there is no need for third party integrations or overhead. Adoption is quick, and with intuitive, self-explanatory settings and highly customizable drag-and-drop modules, anyone can use FLEX.


FLEX Has The Answers

FLEX email templates utilize a future-proof development process that supports more than 65 email clients/platforms. FLEX landing page templates use the widely adopted Bootstrap library for modern, highly compatible and responsive layouts. All FLEX templates enhance your Marketo experience while providing a perfect balance between flexibility, user-friendliness, and compatibility.

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We LOVE the new template – thank you so much for all your work on this. In fact, we just launched a new internal newsletter that looks great using the template.

– Olivia Dassler, BrightTalk

Thank you again for your intuitive Flex Email Templates. They have cut the time it takes me to complete a program drastically.

– Frank Carpenter, Marketing Automation Manager, Five9 Inc.