Marketo Nurture Programs that Strengthen Engagement, and the Bottom Line

EDITOR’S NOTE: This webinar on Marketo nurture programs originally appeared as session 2 at Digital Pi’s Marketo Top Tips event October 28-29 2020

If there’s one thing you don’t want to roll the dice on, it’s your engagement programs in Marketo. Whether you’re starting out with a simple program or trying to transform a complex nurture program, the key is building a rock-solid nurture stream that is measurable.

In this session, we review steps to improve customer conversations and streamline your marketing operations. Watch the on-demand recording to understand how to define your audience, determine who should be let into a Marketo nurturing flow, and how to fast track the right prospects into a personalized experience.

If you have a library of content and clearly defined personas it may be easier to track the impact of your nurture efforts, but don’t be afraid to start laying the groundwork now if you don’t have that library built up yet. There are many steps you can take now, as the content is built, to realize a successful Marketo nurture program ensuring anyone, at any stage of your funnel, is getting something!

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