Hot Digital Marketing Trends: Interview with Josh Hill

Ever wish you could take all the best practices you know and write a book? If you want to thump something on your collegue’s desk, Josh Hill did exactly that on Marketo tips and tricks.

Josh’s 844-page guide covers everything from lead lifecycle management to lead nurturing. His thought leadership articles and tips on Marketo success is unparalleled. Recently, I sat down with Josh to talk about the latest trends in digital marketing.

Marketing technology can be defined as the tools and platforms used by sales and marketing organizations to effectively complete their duties.

Q&A Highlights with Josh Hill

Today, we are here with Josh Hill, Marketo Champion and digital marketing pro. He is going to share some best practices on digital marketing technology

  • How did you get started with your 844-Page Guide? “The guide came out of my experience trying to help others build their own Marketo instances. Building on what I learned as a marketer and a marketing technologist, I saw that there was a gap in the market. Marketo provided documentation but they didn’t really explain how to do it as a marketer. You had to have the experience so I said, “you know what? I can help people do this.” So I wrote an 844-page guide to do it. Going through how to set up Marketo, how to build webinars, how to think about email reputation… to really think about it as a both an administrator as well as a marketer.”
  • Plans for a Digital Marketing Course? “I’m glad you asked, I do have plans and this is a good place to announce that I am working on a course. It should be out sometime by the end of the summer. It will come in probably 2 parts: a more basic version and then an advanced version for people who really want to become an administrator and level up.”
  • Favorite Parts of Your Job? “I think the favorite part of my day is when I can schedule or turn on a campaign and I know it’s going to work…and it’s going to send out communications to our audience. It’s not just about communicating with the audience, but it’s also about…. How do we manage the leads? How do we get the right information to Sales? How do we stamp the leads with the right information? Last year, we talked about the lead lifecycle. Turning on something like that, knowing it’s going to work, it’s just amazing. That’s the part I love.”
  • Where are Marketing Trends Going? “There’s some talk about machine learning. I haven’t personally seen this happen yet, but I’m hopeful that this will really transform how we time our communications. So, if someone should get 2 emails a day, the system will do that for you. If they should get it once a month, it’ll know.”
  • Future Goals for You? “Right now I’m working on building a team and training great marketers to become great marketing technologists. Over the next 5-10 years, I’d really like to continue helping others understand marketing technology and really level up their understanding of how this can be used effectively to communicate their story at the right time in the right way.”
  • Favorite cartoon character? “Pinky and the Brain.”

Make sure to sign up for Josh Hill’s guide at You can also follow Josh on Twitter at @jdavidhill.

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