Why July 4th is a GREAT day for B2B Emails? How to Get 100 Free Leads

“Are you drinking too much of that holiday punch?” might be your first reaction. Holidays are usually a terrible time to send email to your B2B audience. Everyone is out of the office and enjoying the national pastime here in the United States. Exactly my point and your opportunity to generate new leads.

Yes, click rates will be lower than the value of a Zimbabwe dollar. However, sending emails over holidays can help organizations boost new leads while enhancing existing contacts.

An email drop of 100,000 can generate up to 4,000 new leads while enriching data on up to 8,000 existing leads.

How? Mine Your Existing Email Database

You know all of those “I’m on vacation” autoresponders that your mail system gets back that usually fall into a black hole? Turn that black hole into gold by mining the intelligence provided in those out-of-office autoresponders.

July 4th is one of the biggest out-of-office opportunities of the year so it’s a great week to bring out the gold prospecting pick.

Check out some of the intelligence sitting in the below example of an out-of-office autoresponder. Whether it’s an updated job title, a new phone number or a referred lead, the autoresponder provides a wealth of intelligence. Wouldn’t it be great to make that intelligence actionable to your marketing and sales teams?

62% of organizations rely on marketing and prospect data that’s up to 40% inaccurate. zoominfo

Automate the Process to Generate New Leads

Mining these autoresponders doesn’t mean you have to work your interns to the bone over the holidays. How about automating the whole process with a solution called LeadGnome? You can get up and running in less than ten minutes for most organizations. With a little planning, you can integrate LeadGnome with solutions like Salesforce and Marketo (See below).

Let’s take a look at the what your email can do over the holidays while you are enjoying your family barbecue.

According to LeadGnome data, normal mailings generate an approximate 3% autoresponder rate. LeadGnome gathers that data and enriches those existing leads. From that 3%, approximately half of those emails contain information pertaining to who is replacing the referring lead during his/her vacation (or has left the company). These numbers spike up on the holidays.

Normal Business Day Estimated Holiday
Emails Sent 100,000 100,000
Autoresponder % 3% 8%
Existing Leads Enhanced 3,000 8,000
New Leads % 50% 50%
New Leads 1,500 4,000

Source: LeadGnome estimates based on 2015 December holiday and 1H 2016 results of autoresponders and bounced messages.

The Quick Win: Get 100 Free Leads over the Holidays

If you have an hour this week and want to get free leads with little work and no risk, follow these steps. There is no integration with your marketing platform but you will get to see what the results look like. The bigger your email list, the more leads you will get.

  1. Signup for the LeadGnome trial (3 minutes).
  2. Create a forwarding rule for your marketing email responses. Once LeadGnome receives the messages, the solution works its mining magic to translate all that unstructured text into actionable data (5 minutes).
  3. Create and send an email to your audience during the holiday week with your email marketing systems (30-60 minutes). Feel free to start with the below copy.
  4. After your email drops, log in to LeadGnome and get your no cost leads.

Dear John,

On behalf of the [YourCompanyName] team, we would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy 4th of July holiday.

We hope that you are enjoying the time off, but if you get in the mood to catch up on the latest [fill in Industry] happenings, check out our latest blog post at [blogpost URL]

Too late for July 4th week? How about other big vacation weeks? August is notoriously a heavy vacation month before the kids head back to school.

* 100 leads is an estimate based on a mailing list of 5,000 names.

Integrate with Existing Marketo and Salesforce Platforms

Like any solution, maximizing LeadGnome’s potential with Salesforce and Marketo takes some strategy and data planning. However, the setup is very simple.

I’ve been working with LeadGnome since its early days and my team has been assisting with its Marketo integration. We’re excited to begin integrating LeadGnome with some of our clients to boost their own lead generation and account-based marketing (ABM) efforts.

  1. Sign up and forward email like above.
  2. Create 10-15 custom fields in Marketo and/or Salesforce that collect the enhanced data.
  3. Your Marketo Admin will set up the API credentials to tie Marketo to LeadGnome.
  4. Send your marketing email campaign and watch new leads automatically flow into Marketo/Salesforce. You’ll also see existing leads enhanced with data provided in the autoresponder.

Easily associate enhanced leads and newly mined leads with Marketo programs. Send emails, alert Sales and more.

Let’s dive into a few examples.

The Out of Office Data Enhancer

According to zoominfo, up to 25% of B2B database contacts contain critical errors. The email mining process helps freshen up your data with intelligence gathered from out-of-office autoresponders.

Let’s say you only have a lead’s first and last name (John Doe) and the email address (john.doe@acme.com). Using the above autoresponder as an example, John Doe’s record will get enhanced 300%+ with all kinds of actionable data.

Make your data more accurate by enhancing data up to 300%.

Before Email After Email
First Name John John
Last Name Doe Doe
Email Address john.doe@acme.com john.doe@acme.com
Company Acme
Office Phone 555-555-5555
Mobile Phone 444-444-4444
Title Senior Vice President of IT
Website www.acme.com
Referral Contact Bob Jones
Referral Contact Email bob.jones@acme.com
Expected Return July 11, 2016

What can you do with the data?

The possibilities are endless. From scoring John based on his VP title to sending alerts to the Account team when John returns from vacation, the added data provides the power to reach your audience more effectively.

Example of optional auto email that triggers 1 day after receiving the “on vacation” email.

The Account Builder: New Lead

Account based marketing

According to Madison Logic, the cost to acquire a new lead ranges between $35 and $65. With the LeadGnome service, that new lead investment is a fraction of the standard lead cost (Less than a $1 per new name).

One could argue the value of data mined new names but ask yourself this question…”Is a third party eBook download worth 20X more than a mined new lead?”

Using the Acme example, John Doe references Bob Jones in his out-of-office email. Your mailing policies may vary, but you could send an introductory email to Bob. For an ABM strategy, you could also send an alert to the Acme account team informing them of the new account member.

Before Email After Email
First Name Bob
Last Name Jones
Email Address bob.jones@acme.com
Company Acme
Office Phone 555-555-5555
Title Inside counsel
Website www.acme.com
Referring Contact Jon Doe
Refering Contact Email john.doe@acme.com
Lead Source Data Mining – Lead Gnome

Congrats on the New Job: New Lead

Using a completely different use case, some autoresponders also include information about an employee’s departure or change of job.

With 2 out of 5 employees turning over yearly, there are plenty of these emails going around. If the email contains intelligence on the departing person’s replacement, LeadGnome can also provide that intelligence back to your marketing automation system.

B2B data decays at a rate of 30-40% due to the annual turnover rate. U.S. Department of Labor

Introducing the RevEngine Email Mining in a Box

100 Free Leads. Want to generate 100 new leads from your existing database? Contact us for a no cost trial.

Many times, companies buy solutions but rarely utilize all the capabilities. Through our partnership with LeadGnome, we’ll make sure your vision doesn’t turn into shelf-ware. RevEngine will help customize a lead mining approach that is catered to your organization.

  • Set up your organization for success.
    • Develop data strategies and field mapping strategy that match your existing data processes.
    • Recommend best practices on how to rollout intelligence to Marketing and Sales teams.
  • Build out your ABM strategy with enhanced Account Based Intelligence.
    • Provide vision into title changes to Sales when someone gets a promotion.
    • Create a surround strategy to ensure proper account coverage.
  • Create measurable programs that drive leads through your funnel.
    • Pass new leads to Sales reps instantly.
    • Set up new Marketo programs and associated progressions to measure success.

Look for further details on this service over the coming month when we officially announce the service.


Whether you want to improve your ABM initiatives, drive new leads or enhance existing data, don’t let your email replies go to waste.

If you are looking to get started, give me a shout. We are working on offering a trial with LeadGnome that offers 100 free leads for eligible accounts (yep, NADA).

Enjoy your holidays. PS, I will also be out for the holidays.

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