NEW Data Services Offered Including Dedupe

We are now offering data services to address clients’ call for accurate, insightful reporting.

If there’s one thing that every single client has in common, it’s the need for accurate and reliable data. Without it, marketing programs cannot be successful and ROI from marketing automation solutions will never fully be realized.

Clients have voiced an increased call for assistance in managing dirty data during the implementation of Digital Pi’s signature Gold Standard framework for Marketo best practices. 

“The Gold Standard is really an awesome framework for establishing best practices in marketing automation platforms like Marketo,” said Digital Pi Privacy Officer, Peter Liske. “But, the system implements a protocol for data management moving forward. The problem for our customers is that most have some level of existing data corruption and want a way to clean-up that data.”

Liske went on to mention a recent report from Digital Pi partner Integrate showed that as enterprises scale, the cost of dirty data can be upwards of $4 million each year. “Though immense, this figure is probably no surprise to most marketing operators,” Liske noted. “These practitioners spend a good deal of time dealing with the outcomes of bad data – like outdated contact information, duplicate records, email bouncebacks, report inconsistencies, and blacklists.”

Data Services include the following packages:

Digital Pi Dedupe –

  • Client Services team works with your MOps team for a one-time mass clean-up of duplicate records in your Marketo system

Digital Pi Rewind

  • This service allows you to revert your data back to a prior stage — before a problematic import or overwrite — using a proprietary API process to restore original data values

Digital Pi Normalize

  • Creates Campaigns to adjust different versions of the same data value, including State (Colorado = CO), Country (United States = US), Industry (BioTech = Biotechnology), and first and last name case (ben = Ben)

To learn more about these services, review our Digital Pi Data Services Fact Sheet or reach out to us at

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