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The Gold Standard

To ensure clients reach the full potential of their marketing technology systems, Digital Pi has created The Gold Standard. Specializing in Marketo, our signature framework consists of 12 foundational processes that focus on strategic marketing as well as technical and campaign operational services. See why the Gold Standard is integral to successfully adopting and maximizing the capabilities of marketing automation technology.


Strategic Planning

High-level strategic planning to establish business objectives, determine baseline metrics and tactics, and identify needs around technical and operational support.

Organizational Alignment

Alignment of sales and marketing to agree on definitions, outcomes and roles and improve your company’s understanding of marketing’s impact.

Marketing Technology Architecture

Strategic guidance and expertise on selecting and scaling martech solutions, from planning through execution, training and reporting.

Systems Configuration

Setup and configuration of Marketo, Iterable, CRM systems such as Salesforce and MS Dynamics, custom applications, and commercial martech apps.

Global Lifecycle

Lifecycle modeling to unify lifecycle stage definitions and transition points to align sales and marketing.

Revenue Attribution

Providing visibility into marketing campaigns, tactics, and marketing effectiveness to report on what's working and what's not.

Marketing Tactics

Operationalize marketing plans to develop and execute campaigns that accomplish specific marketing objectives within a set time period.

Global Scoring

Automatic behavioral, demographic and firmographic scoring to help measure digital footprint and engagement.

Segmentation & Targeting

Segment leads and define targets to develop personalized messaging and cadence for improved engagement.

Data Management

Data management, configuration, naming and organization best practices to optimize CRMs and keep data clean.

Engagement Framework

Implementing best practices to measure and manage your dialogue along the buyer journey, including audience, cadence, content, and transitions.

Training, Documentation & Handoff

Enable teams to succeed long-term with thorough documentation of all systems, processes, workflows and campaigns.

Benefits of Using the Gold Standard

When Digital Pi has successfully applied The Gold Standard framework to your marketing technology and operations, the world is your oyster.

You will be able to do more, see further, and scale faster with a solid foundation from which to manage your marketing strategies.

Because the Gold Standard is designed for comprehensive tracking of marketing operations data, it provides a rich set of metrics to help you identify which marketing tactics are effective and which are not. With built in flexibility, you can quickly pivot on lagging strategies and leverage successful ones without missing a beat.

Company executives can effectively validate strategic initiatives with trusted data, directly and accurately connect marketing strategies to revenue, and ultimately justify marketing budget growth and distribution.



All components are designed to operate together toward common purpose.


All core functionality is included from design to implementation.


Enable or support new talent, departments, or resource requirements better and faster.

See how Marketo and Evernote use the Gold Standard to scale smarter


It was a partnership from the beginning. You know, we throw that word around but it was a true partnership in that Digital Pi knew what we needed to accomplish to launch Marketo from scratch. The team gave us a broken down step by step by step of this, then that, etc. We followed that like a formula and yeah, it was magic.

– Sterling Bailey, Evernote

What we were looking for was a way to do Marketo better, and in partnering with Digital Pi, that gave us the opportunity to bring in core elements of its Gold Standard process, which is a best-in-breed way to configure Marketo. And, as a core component of the new implementation, it gave us a great framework that scales completely for all of the requirements that we have. It’s a great way to do Marketo.

– Paul Wilson, Marketo