What to Watch for in the Pardot Winter ’21 Release

Salesforce is releasing a lot of upgrades to Pardot. Most notably, Pardot is becoming further integrated within Salesforce to harness each other’s functionality. Let’s dive into some of the most significant updates in the Pardot Winter ’21 Release.

Pardot Winter ’21 Release Highlights

If you’re operating on Pardot or looking for a Salesforce-exclusive automation platform, here’s what to keep your eye on in the New Year. The latest release focuses on two areas:

  • Streamlined functionality through enhanced email integration, customizable analytics, and simplified data syncing
  • Retiring support for some current offerings

Let’s take a closer look at the latest improvements and explore a few outstanding features.

Streamlined Email Automation in Pardot

The Pardot Winter ’21 release will update email integrations and automation to compete with other automation tools like Active Campaign and Hubspot. The upgrades mostly take advantage of Salesforce’s exclusive user interface, Lightning Experience. Users can create email campaigns, utilize templates, preview, test, and review metrics within LEX. Additionally, users can import images from the Salesforce CMS. 

Stand out upgrade:  Pardot’s new features also include a more defined send experience. Enhanced options allow users to choose campaigns, recipients, suppression lists, and send-from information. So, you’ll have greater control over who sees your emails, allowing more customized campaigns.

Pardot Improves Custom Analytics 

Gain insight into clients’ behavior with Pardot’s improved analytics features. Expect to see a simplified presentation and faster data syncing to help marketing automation run seamlessly. The Winter ’21 release also includes redesigned widgets, addressing user complaints. Additional filters for email-open and click-through more accurately gauge prospect scores, journeys, and completion actions.

Stand out upgrade: Among the most exciting improvements is Salesforce’s exclusive Einstein features. An AI-powered suite, Einstein allows users to score leads and behavior, plus gain insights through campaign attribution.   

Take advantage of Einstein Campaign Attribution. Tune campaign mile markers and more accurately reflect your business’s successes. Deep dive into customer behavior and track more than just conversions for a fuller, more granular picture of a campaign’s performance. 

Simplified Data Syncing with Pardot Lists and Engagement Studio

Ensure prospects sync seamlessly, thanks to new options that automatically sync clients with resolved errors. In other words, you won’t have to add clients manually after filling in the missing data. New features also expand support for list syncing from records and list view pages into Pardot Lists and Engagement Studio.

Stand out upgrade: Less “stand out” than “absolutely necessary”: 2021 upgrades include filters that show primary campaign members. It’s intended to resolve the issue of duplicate records appearing in the Contact column.

Prepare for Ending Support

While Pardot gains a few new features with the Winter ’21 release, it’s also dropping support for some programs and features. Perhaps most notably, Pardot is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 and retiring ObjectChangeLog. 

Users can avoid losing functionality by switching to Marketing Data Sharing rules and using compatible browsers, including the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Changes took effect on December 31, 2020, so if you’re reading this on Explorer 11, it’s time to upgrade!

Get more from Pardot in 2021

Is your agency operating on a Salesforce platform? Pardot’s newest upgrades will help simplify your experience and DigitalPi is here to help. To optimize Pardot with robust marketing automation, contact hello@digitalpi.com.

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