Digital Pi’s Best Practices for Lead Scoring Improve Newland’s Marketing Tactics

Digital Pi’s integration of engagement campaigns into Newland’s marketing strategy increased lead scoring success

The Challenge

After a couple of years of running on their self-created Marketo instance, Newland’s marketing team knew they were not utilizing their platform to its fullest potential. Newland runs a nuanced business model, wherein a centralized marketing department functions in tandem with local marketing teams at each of their communities.

In addition to structural complexities, Newland’s model involves both B2B and B2C marketing efforts, both of which needed to be monitored and reported on. Without anyone specializing in Marketo, the database had accumulated data that was now outdated or corrupt. The marketing team desired a system to keep incoming data organized. On the strategic side, Newland wanted to ramp up their lead scoring and lifecycle campaigns to learn how their efforts were impacting business. Having an understanding of best practice marketing automation, Newland also wanted to move away from standard nurture campaigns and into full-scale triggered engagement campaigns.

Newland had purchased Marketo with the knowledge that it had these capabilities – however, the configuration and execution of these functions proved to be a challenge since the team had very little background in Marketo. They needed to work with Marketo experts who would take the time to understand Newland’s unique model and needs,  and then configure a custom Marketo instance to accommodate them. Further, Newland’s marketing team would need a knowledge transfer in order to be self-sufficient in Marketo after the initial programming.

The Solution

With the goal of leveraging Marketo for measurable and repeatable results, Newland teamed up with Digital Pi. Upon engagement, Digital Pi and Newland got together for a kickoff meeting wherein Digital Pi provided an analysis of Newland’s existing Marketo programs and practices. The Digital Pi team then took the time to learn Newland’s unique structure to format a go-forward strategy in Marketo.

Having gained an understanding of the Newland model and needs, Digital Pi get started with setting up programs to cleanse and maintain data. Next, Digital Pi developed a custom lead scoring system and lifecycle model that tied together – something Newland had not previously been able to do. With approval on these systems, the Digital Pi team created customizable templates for triggered and behavioral engagement campaigns that could be replicated for the  orporate level and for specific communities.

The two teams then worked together to establish KPI’s based on Newland’s corporate and community-level goals. Finally, Digital Pi conducted a client enablement session to teach the primary users about how to properly leverage their new Marketo functions. “There is nothing ‘out of the box’ about our Marketo instance,” said Mark D’Andrea, Director of Digital Marketing & Marketing Technology at Newland.


Since working with Digital Pi, Newland’s marketing team has seen measurable results. Most notably, all email programs within Marketo have shown improvement in key engagement metrics, including higher click to open (CTO) rates year over year, as well as higher overall open rates. Additionally, Newland Marketing is now well-versed in the functionality and reporting features of their instance.

“We continue to get excited about both the capabilities we now have and the insights we can gain on our marketing efforts at both the corporate and community levels,” said D’Andrea. “Although our model inherently requires that our lead score algorithm be continually tweaked, Digital Pi got us set to monitor the lead score for the first time. This has been a game-changer for our marketing teams.”

Why Digital Pi

Because of Newland’s unique infrastructure, configuring an instance that functioned and reported on multiple levels required in-depth knowledge of Marketo systems and capabilities as well as their application. For Newland, Digital Pi’s Marketo expertise fit the bill. Rather than just taking over Newland’s Marketo instance, Digital Pi acted as an extension of Newland’s marketing team. From initial audit to implementation to educating the Newland team, Digital Pi acted as an extension of Newland’s marketing team. Together, the teams built a one of a kind, best-in-class marketing automation configuration, helping Newland stay at the forefront of the multi-use community industry.

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