PiPeep Sachin Gera

Learn how Sachin Gera, EMEA Client Services Manager, spends his free time and where he hopes to travel next in this week’s PiPeep.

Introduce yourself:
My name is Sachin Gera and I’m the client services manager for EMEA.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is probably the people I work with because the way we work, we’re a close team and we so that there’s lots of like knowledge sharing and just talking to each other. And then also the clients as well. I work with Adobe and they’re really good clients to work with. So we feel like we’re part of the team Adobe as well.

What are you doing outside of work?
What am I doing outside of…mostly I’m learning how to swim because I don’t know how to swim, and I realize that might be a good skill to have.

What is the most unique item in your workspace?
The most unique item in my workspace is I have a book on beekeeping because I did a beekeeping course and then at the end I didn’t get any bees or honey, but I got a beekeeping guidebook.

What is your bucket list vacation spot?
My bucket list vacation spot is probably Las Vegas, just because I went to Las Vegas whilst 21 and I didn’t gamble, so I didn’t actually do much then. So I wanna go back and lose all my money.

What is your secret talent?
If I did secret talent, I would be making money off it. Umm. Anything to do with bars. That’s if you put me in your city I’ll know where the best bar is.

If you could be invisible or fly for one day, what would you pick?
If I could be invisible or fly for one day, I would choose invisible, because if I was flying around London I think people would be terrified. They the news, cameras, people be filming it. News cameras would be everywhere. I’ve done with that type of attention. I would rather be invisible.

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