Resolve Establishes Marketo and Salesforce Lead Lifecycle

Resolve needed to work with an agency that not only knew Marketo inside and out but also had depth of knowledge on Salesforce workflows.

The Challenge

The Resolve Sales and Marketing teams relied on workflows in Salesforce and Marketo. Working within their existing instance of Marketo, the Resolve Marketing team initially attempted to configure Marketo to serve their growing needs, which ended up “a total nightmare.” Among other configuration complications, the new Marketing team had inherited a syncing issue between Salesforce and Marketo duplicating certain data and disrupting workflows.

For Resolve’s new Marketing team to succeed, they would need custom configurations within Marketo as well as a solution to the Salesforce-Marketo integration. Resolve needed to work with an agency that not only knew Marketo inside and out but also had depth of knowledge on Salesforce workflows.

The Solution

Based on the experience of several Resolve marketing team members, Digital Pi was selected to tackle the syncing issue with Salesforce and otherwise configure Marketo to meet the growing needs of Resolve’s marketing team. In line with Gold Standard practices, the Digital Pi team first took time to understand Resolve’s unique needs, their existing Marketo infrastructure, as well as their desired outcomes. “One of the first things we noticed about Digital Pi was that they didn’t just intend to show up, implement some generic solution, and then leave,” Brooke Ames, Director of North America Marketing at Resolve Systems recalls. “They took the time to understand what Resolve is about and what our standards are. They wanted to be able to build a solution specifically for us, with us.”

After Digital Pi’s project plan was approved, the Digital Pi team inventoried and cleaned up Resolve’s entire Marketo instance, including the syncing issues with Salesforce. Additionally, the team configured workflows and set up processes to track items that had never been tracked before, like lead source and scoring data. “Lead sourcing campaigns were set up so that lead sources did not have to be entered manually,” says Ames. “It blew our minds.” But the Resolve team’s favorite implementation was the Lifecycle. “That was really the WOW factor for us. Lots of organizations strive to track MQLs, SQLs, etc. but fall short because of all that is involved. We’re actually doing it.”

In addition to several customized solutions within Marketo, Digital Pi’s engagement with Resolve included educating their marketing as each phase of the Gold Standard was completed. Ames notes “Digital Pi is very transparent in their methods. They don’t just set you up, walk away, and wait for the call when you have a problem. They want you to ‘get’ how and why it works.”

Key custom programs at Resolve by Digital Pi include:

  • Lifecycle
  • Source
  • Scoring
  • Channels
  • Program Templates
  • UTM script and program templates
  • FLEX templates
  • Reporting
  • IP Warming
  • SFDC support
  • 3rd party integrations (Engagio, DiscoverOrg)


After working with Digital Pi, the Resolve Systems marketing team has been able to work more efficiently, as they can rely upon the automated workflows configured by Digital Pi in Marketo. Lead sourcing smart campaigns have both saved manual labor and created a complete and reliable set of Source Data. Resolve is also operating with reliable SQLs and MQLs for the first time.

Gold Standard implementation in Marketo has also allowed the marketing team to be very agile in how each quarter is planned. As a result, Marketing has an excellent reputation.“Since Digital Pi has implemented Gold Standard processes in our Marketo instance, our Marketing team has enjoyed an excellent reputation within the company,” Ames noted. “The Digital Pi team has created a system that meets our needs and in many ways helps Marketo regulate itself! It feels good to be able to confidently report and make decisions based on accurate attribution and pipeline data.”

Why Digital Pi

As Resolve Systems worked to develop a new, small marketing team and a new Marketo instance, they needed to work with an agency that would act as a real partner. To Resolve, this meant taking the time not just to program Marketo, but to understand and operate within the Resolve standard and culture. “Digital Pi didn’t just come in, program Marketo, and leave,” said Ames. “They learned about who we are, what we needed, and the specific issues we were experiencing – then worked with us to get our Marketo to where it needed to be while educating us in the process.”

Ames recalled the passion the Digital Pi team has for their work and their clients, “It’s the vision that Ryan (Vong) and the rest of the Digital Pi team has that really sets them apart. They genuinely want their clients to be successful, and as a result – there is no challenge they don’t take on. It’s evident in the team and culture. I will always recommend Digital Pi.”

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