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This blog is part 10 of 10 on setting your marketing up for scale using the Gold Standard – our signature framework consisting of a series of foundational processes and corresponding deliverables focusing on strategic marketing as well as technical and campaign operational services. Need to catch up? Our series starts here.

The previous blog post laid out the Gold Standard Lifecycle methodology and the approach to understanding the business in order to build a fine-tuned Lifecycle Engine. Using Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Modeler and a series of custom fields and smart campaigns, the Digital Pi Gold Standard Lifecycle is ready to react to, move, and track records through the funnel. The Lifecycle has a huge dependency on, and in turn influences, all other components of the Gold Standard. The entirety of a Gold Standard build is an interconnected web of processes working together to enable a Marketing Operations team to maximize their performance and efficiency in Marketo.

Once all the foundational work is defined and built into Marketo, it’s imperative to build a series of reports that provide the right insight for everyone – from day-to-day Marketo users to the executive team. The Gold Standard report series encompasses a breadth of insights from email performance, to program membership analysis, to First Touch and Multi Touch influence on pipeline and revenue. The bulk of the reports are built in Advanced Report Builder (ARB), however there are many ways to achieve similar reporting results without ARB.

The reports have a direct correlation with each area of the Gold Standard build, as well as answer the most important questions for a Marketing Operations team such as, “Where am I getting the most return on my marketing initiatives?”, “Which programs are acquiring the most new names?” and “Where in my funnel are leads getting stuck?”.

In addition to answering questions that can help maximize the marketing budget and provide marketing’s contribution to revenue, the Gold Standard reports also offer a mechanism to help keep Marketo functioning flawlessly by showing gaps in processes, such as records without acquisition programs or programs without cost values entered.

See below screenshot for some reports previews populated with sample data:

Reports and their data can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to know where to start or what they all mean. The Digital Pi team will ensure that the purpose of each report and the relevant questions they answer are thoroughly understood before handing the keys over to the beautiful new Marketo kingdom!

This is the last blog in our Do More with Less series, but don’t worry, we have more coming. Keep your eyes out for our Get Gold in 2021 eBook coming out soon!

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