Stephanie Azores

Stephanie Azores

client services manager

Working in marketing automation since 2010, Stephanie’s experience includes creating demand generation, lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring, reports, and automated email communication programs. Specializing in data management, hygiene, and enhancement, she has helped companies of various sizes get the most out of their marketing automation tools and CRM systems.

Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Honors Marketing and a Minor in Management Information Systems from California State University, Chico. She started her professional career in corporate events and marketing management, where her eye for detail and organizational skills were put to good use. With this background, Stephanie seamlessly transitioned to marketing automation as she understands the marketing big picture while executing efficiently through the latest technologies. She is an Certified Eloqua Master and has worked in Marketo since 2012.

Outside of the office, Stephanie can be found blocking and jamming on roller derby tracks around the world or at home learning machine embroidery.

Illustration by Bill Lundy