PiPeep Nathan Horan

Join us in Liverpool this week as we visit with Nathan Horan, Senior Manager of Client Services, foodie and photographer.

Introduce yourself:
My name is Nathan Horan and I am a Senior Manager of Client Services here at Digital Pi

What’s the best thing about your job?
And the best thing about my job is, Umm, I love working with complex clients and really digging into, you know, some of the unique things that happen from a process perspective with our clients and you know, problem solving is my thing.

How do you spend your time outside of work?
And so when I’m not working, I am usually out hiking, doing long walks or I love… I’m a real foodie, so I love cooking at home, having dinners with friends and family.

What is the most unique item in your workspace?
So the most unique thing in my workspace is I actually have an analog camera, so this is super old school. I think my nieces and nephews wouldn’t even know how to use this, and it takes old-school film and I have like 6 rolls of pictures that I’m trying to find somewhere where I can actually get it developed. But I love this thing. It’s super unique and super cool, is one of the best. One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever been given.

What’s your bucket list vacation spot?
My bucket list vacation spot is probably Japan. I’ve traveled a lot, but that’s one of the places that I didn’t get to the last time I kind of did my lap of the world.

Do you have any secret talents?
My secret talent is…Well, maybe it’s not so much of a secret because I show it off. I love to cook. I cook lots of different types of foods and it’s. Yeah, it’s something that I really care about and I love to eat it as well.

If you could wear only one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If I could wear one colour for the rest of my life, it would probably be black and pretty much 75% of what I already own is black and it goes with everything. It’s really easy to match things up and it also looks really good in my opinion.

What do you like about Digital Pi?
The thing I like the most about Digital Pi is probably the variety of clients that I get to work with because each of them bring their own unique set of challenges and so different industries. That kind of variety keeps it interesting and keeps me laying along the way.

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