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Looking for a missing puzzle piece

We’re looking for talented individuals who like to solve puzzles. As a growing marketing consulting agency, we are always looking for that unique person who sees the big picture yet loves to dive into the weeds. Ideal candidates are individuals who understand the balance between theory and practical application for marketing technology tools and demand generation strategies. If this sounds like you, we’d love to “meet” you! As a new member of Digital Pi, you will be joining a team of highly experienced marketers and technologists who support and complement one another’s unique skill set. Most importantly, you will play a critical role in ensuring the success of our clients.

Why Work With Digital Pi


Virtual Workforce

Digital Pi is proud to be a virtual organization with a distributed workforce. This means our members work from wherever they work best!

Work-Life Balance

Digital Pi members appreciate the flexibility our virtual environment provides, and can attest to the positive work-life balance it affords.

Play a Critical Role

Our worldwide distribution means we can connect members with clients in the same time zone to maximize efficiency during the work day.

The Best Commute You've Ever Had

Eliminating overhead costs, timely commutes, and strict office hours ultimately makes Digital Pi members more productive - and happy people equal happy customers!

Open Positions

Remote Position

Client Services Manager

In this role you will be part of a project team executing campaigns through best practices and methodologies while managing multiple client projects.

We LOVE the new template – thank you so much for all your work on this. In fact, we just launched a new internal newsletter that looks great using the template.

– Olivia Dassler, BrightTalk

Thank you again for your intuitive Flex Email Templates. They have cut the time it takes me to complete a program drastically.

– Frank Carpenter, Marketing Automation Manager, Five9 Inc.