Allan Arguello

Allan Arguello

director of sales

Allan has been in several sales execution and leadership roles which span over 18 years. He has been a successful contributor with an emphasis on Start Ups. His focus within these organizations has been on building and creating sales and marketing strategies that execute and grow top line revenues and brand awareness.

Throughout his career, Allan has been with such notable companies such as VeriSign, SugarCRM, New Relic, Snaplogic and SightCall. Within his roles he was instrumental in creating repeatable sales and marketing models.

Residing in the Bay Area, Allan enjoys spending time with his 5 children who are all heavily involved in various sports. He spends a lot of time traveling to their events, sometimes as a coach and other times just to be a spectator. When not on the go, he is a big movie fan and can be a good resource for movie reviews if you ever need an opinion.

Illustration by Bill Lundy