Sales and Marketing Alignment Begins with the Customer

I recently sat on a panel with Christine Crandell and she knows her marketing and sales alignment stuff.  Alignment is so key when it comes to automation. You can’t build a house before you have a foundation. I always recommend ironing out the processes before you jump into automation–get everyone on the same page.  The blueprint makes the automation efforts so much easier both technically and politically.

50 percent of B2B sales staff keep missing their quotas. It’s a problem as old as business itself.  The culprit, according to sales, is the quality and volume of leads from marketing. The marketing department may be quick to snap back that sales is ignoring their leads or not […]

When the squabbling causes the revenue pipeline to become even more unpredictable, that gets the CEO’s attention. The CEO’s default playbook calls for routinely firing the underperforming ten percent, walking the Sales (or Marketing) Vice President out the door or hiring more salespeople. After all, doubling the number of salespeople will double revenue right? Wrong.

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