How to Capture First and Last Touch UTM Intelligence

The ability to capture first and last touch UTM intelligence in Marketo is vital to any attribution strategy. Knowing how someone originally engaged with your company and what they did last helps paint the picture of how to invest your marketing dollars. For example, did someone reach your database via a paid media campaign? Did they convert right after opening a dedicated email?

How to Capture Lead Activity Details with UTM Parameters

This type of intelligence is generally captured via UTM parameters, otherwise known as trackable links. You can use a tool like Google’s Campaign URL Builder to help you populate the UTM tagged link.

The UTM values in your trackable link provide intelligence into how your audience is engaging with your content.
UTM values influence your global lead sourcing programs that provide intelligence on the first touch source of your leads. 

Last touch intelligence provides insights on the last engagement. For example, if you are promoting a webinar via different channels, last touch UTM intelligence provides insights on which channel is driving the webinar signups. In the below example, we see that dedicated emails drove around 50% of registrants.

How to Populate Original UTM Values with Last Touch Values

previous post discussed how to capture UTM information via a script. That script gives you the flexibility to capture first and last touch UTM values. What if you aren’t using a script or your script just focuses on collecting last touch values?

Using a Marketo trigger campaign gives you an easy way to populate first touch UTM values based on your last touch UTM values.

Alternatively, you could add first and last touch UTM fields to every form you have but that can be a manual/error prone process if you have lots of legacy forms.

To capture first touch values from last touch values, simply create a Marketo listening campaign that triggers when the lead is created and the first touch UTM values are empty. Then fill in the first touch values with the last touch values using tokens.

Watch the video for how you can use this UTM approach in Marketo. 

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