Summer of Scale, Global Scale!

Summer is here and as your colleagues start making plans and requesting time off, if your marketing automation function doesn’t have the right foundation in place, it’s unfortunately all too easy to become suddenly overwhelmed. A solid foundation is critical for you to be able to scale to meet changing business needs, whether you are a team of 1 or 100. 

During our recent webinar Anatomy of a Marketo Migration, all 3 of our panelists shared a common sentiment: these days marketing teams are all under increased pressure to do more with less. As business demands increase with no additional headcount insight, the ability to scale is critical to meet your targets. 

That is one reason why many of our clients say they chose Marketo Engage over other MA platforms. Marketo’s inherent flexibility gives you the ability to scale. Couple that with the right foundation, Digital Pi’s Gold Standard framework, and you’ll have the tools you need to bolster your ability to scale quickly and easily, allowing you to do more with less while minimizing the chances for mistakes. Ensuring you have the ability to scale will make everyone’s life easier, which means you’ll be able to take a vacation of your own!

Over the next few weeks, we will deep dive into each of the pillars of the newly updated Digital Pi Gold Standard framework, a proven blueprint for achieving measurable and repeatable marketing results. You’ll learn exactly how each contributes to enabling your ability to scale and setting your team up for long term success. Check our blog every week or sign up for email alerts here.


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