How Personalized Retargeting Can Optimize Your B2B Ads

Most marketers know the 80/20 rule–80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. But how do you optimize your marketing to attack these 20% and maximize marketing spend? Account based marketing is an important key to reaching out to these 20%. If you can identify key industries or personas, you can start looking at retargeting campaigns that build awareness with those high value targets.

For example, if you know that healthcare professionals at select HMOs in the United States are your highest valued customers, you can begin to create targeted campaigns that bring these users into your marketing web earlier in the marketing process. And once they are in your web, you can begin delivering more relevant content with segmented website ads, email campaigns and more. Check out Marketo’s latest blog post on the details of retargeting.

This year, one of your top marketing priorities should be to take a long, hard look at your digital advertising strategy. Where is it working — and more importantly, where isn’t it working? Current digital advertising methods make it difficult to generate qualified sales leads with anywhere close to a reasonable cost-per-lead. At the same time, personalization and retargeting have become increasingly popular (although separate) strategies for both outbound and inbound marketing, and now marketers can apply those strategies to digital advertising. […]

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