February Marketo Release

After the blockbuster Forms 2.0 release in January 2014, the February release sprinkles in some email program enhancements along with some forms touchups and usability improvements.

One of the small, yet powerful features I really like involves adding the engagement score to the engagement email report. Marketo has done a great job with the engagement score metric but has kept it separate from the rest of the traditional email reports. Now marketers can get a better picture of their engagement email interactions in one place.

Marketo customers can expect to see the release rolled out on February 21, 2014. For more information, get details in the Marketo Community (Login Required)

Email Program Enhancements 

  • Engagement Score as Winning Criteria – use the engagement score to determine the winning variant in your AB or Champion/Challenger tests
  • Email Program Results – view the results and activities logged for the email program
  • Leads Blocked from Mailing – view the leads blocked from your mailing
  • Export Email Program data – export the email results, including AB test variants, to Excel

Use the engagement score to determine the winning variant in your AB split test or Champion/Challenger test

Engagement Score in Engagement Stream Report

  • View how effective the content in your engagement program is by contrasting standard email metrics (Open, clicks, etc) with the Engagement Score.

Track Engagement Score in Engagement Stream Report

Forms 2.0 Enhancements

  • Progressive profiling for embedded forms and much more!

Program Details in Email Analysis

  • Email metrics can be grouped by Program Name, Channel, and Tags

Program Details in Email Analysis

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