The Future of Marketing Technology: Interview with Scott Brinker

You have all seen that marketing chart with all the logos–the one that you need a magnifying glass to read. There are about 3,500 logos on that chart and the landscape is continuing to evolve tremendously.

Today, I go behind the scenes with Scott Brinker, he’s going to tell us a little about the creation of that supergraphic while providing key insights on what’s coming next in the marketing technology world.

Q&A Highlighs with Scott Brinker Co-founder and CTO of ion interactive and

  • Process of Getting Companies onto the Landscape: “Yeah, it is quite an effort to find them all. So I try and approach this the way marketers would try and find solutions for a particular challenge they want to do. So, if I’m doing a search for content marketing tools, I start by going to Google and search for ‘Content Marketing,’ ‘Content Marketing Software,’ and see who shows up…… And as you just go around and start to read all this, you collect one by one who are the companies that have solutions to offer.”

“Who are the thought leaders? The influencers?” Scott Brinker

  • At 3,500 today, how did you start this process? “It was somewhat humble beginnings. I created that landscape in 2011 as kind of like ‘Exhibit A’ in a case that I was trying to make to marketers that marketing was becoming a software powered discipline….I assembled what was like at the time 150 marketing technologies, things like search engine optimization, websites, and analytics, the beginning of marketing automation.

Thoughts after completing the first chart: “150 marketing technology companies. Marketing really is becoming a software powered discipline, it’s just the beginning.” Scott Brinker

  • The Challenge of Figuring out the Supergraphic: “When you look at that landscape from the 50,000-foot view, and you just see all these logos and technologies, yeah you can get a little bit dizzy. The truth is, it’s not as bad as it seems.

“For a particular company, depending on the size of the organization, the market their serving, the maturity in their marketing journey, you can actually narrow down pretty quickly a set of tools that are really right for your organization.” Scott Brinker

  • Taking Advantage of the Tool: “But even that is just the beginning of the process because it’s not just about picking a tool, it’s not just about ‘okay, getting it installed, how’s it going to integrate with my other tools?’ Really the big challenge for companies is, ‘how do we take advantage of this tool to change our capabilities, to change what our organization actually does to engage our audience?’”
  • Over the Next 12-18 Months, What Do You See as the Top Trends in Technology and How Companies Will Implement That? “So you know, everyone keeps telling me that the marketing technology landscape is going to consolidate and my answer every year is, ‘When Lord? When’s it going to be my time?’ I don’t know if I can do another one any larger. So I think really, it’s hard to answer that because, you know, there are two forces that are happening simultaneously.

On one level we do see consolidation, we do see the acquisitions, we see companies that are going to go out of business, but at the same time, there’s all these new entrepreneurs and new companies that are coming in with new products into the space.

“I think it’s gonna be hard to predict whether we’re at ‘peak martech’ or not yet but, soon.” Scott Brinker

  • If You Were Stuck on a Deserted Island with Only One Choice of Food to Eat, What Would That be for the Rest of Your Life? “Wow, well evidence would suggest that I can eat an unlimited amount of pizza, so I’ll vote for pizza. But the real question is, how’s it going to get delivered?”

An Uber Boat appears to be the solution to this problem.

BTW, if you haven’t already, make sure to check out Scott’s blog at

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