Supercharge Your Brand with Experiential Events

For my daughter’s birthday parties, I love using Evite–it’s super easy to use and meets my personal needs.

However, consumer solutions such as Evite do not work for today’s brand marketers. For an optimal experience, B2B and B2C brands require a platform that amplifies the brand before, during, AND after the event. This is called experiential marketing where social marketing plays a major role.

What excites me about some of the latest solutions is that they are integrating with marketing automation to provide intelligence across platforms. For example, if a person registers for a party, tweets about the event, and then attends the event, that person can go into a customized nurture journey for top social fans–that’s a pretty powerful brand experience.

Q&A Highlights with Greg Higgins of Splash

Today, we talk to Greg Higgins, Vice President of Sales at Splash, a company that focuses on experiential event marketing.

  • What is Splash? “An experiential event platform for major brands.”
  • Success with Top Brands. Higgins tells us Splash is “working with incredible brands such as Anheuser-Busch, Facebook and Spotify.” Splash helps these brands “manage and market the events that they do over the course of the year.”
  • Compared to Consumer Solutions like Evite.  Higgins talks about the importance of the brand to the event. “What’s a brand more than a just promise? When you have an event…every aspect of that event needs branding.” Lack of branding “doesn’t fly with larger companies.”
  • The Importance of Social. Higgins says that “it’s not so much about the hundreds of people who attend, although that is very important, it’s more about the thousands, perhaps millions who are viewing your event from a social perspective.” Splash allows brands to “Capture the social aspect around their event including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts.”
  • Social Insights. Splash allows brands to “marry social information against attendee information to give you insight into who the biggest influences are at the event. Over the course of time as you are throwing events, these are your most loyal brand enthusiasts, these are your biggest influencers, these are the people who are going to spread the word…Insanely valuable”
  • Community Building. Through the use of Splash’s themes and templates, brands can “Build communities around their event.”
  • The Evolution of Splash. Splash is a fairly new company, and when asked about this, Higgins tells us that, “Splash is three and a half years old, and it has been a very wild ride.” The company is now established and is building a large client base.
  • Exciting Developments. “The largest brands in the world are trained in implementing their own Splash themes and templates. It’s incredible to see people learn your technology over time, use it on their own, and distribute it within their company.”

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