Direct Mail Meets the Power of Marketing Automation

The days of dropping direct mail pieces in bulk are over (or at least they should be over). Like email nurturing, the shipping of physical swag or postcards should be part of an overall journey—not just some blast approach.

What is Automated Direct Mail? Automated direct mail merges the world of digital and physical marketing to enable marketers to send tangible products in an automated fashion in conjunction with its email campaigns.

Historically, an organization might send out 50K pens to its database at the same time. Using an automated direct mail approach, an organization might send out three emails first and then send a bottle of wine to the top 10% of clickers. Automated direct mail makes the sending of timely, personalized, physical mail as easy as sending an email. Printing for Less has coined this advanced process of marketing automation as Tactile Marketing Automation software ™.

Tactile Marketing Automation software is the high-impact complement that works in synergy with digital marketing. It’s not about trading one for the other — it’s about striking a balance where they work together to create true multichannel campaigns.  Andrew Field, President and CEO, Printing for Less.

Daniel Gaugler Interview Highlights

Today, we get thoughts from Daniel Gaugler, Vice President of Marketing at PFL, on how digital marketing is merging with the world of direct mail.

Watch above or online.

  • PFL’s Approach: “PFL is using a ‘marketers first attitude’ to further the success of its business.” Through this automated direct mail, PFL is “bringing the old world and new world together.”
  • Automated Direct Marketing Concept. Automated direct marketing “allows one-to-one digital communication with customers to personalize the experience. Everything is printed on demand and personalized to improve the journey in the offline world.”
  • Recent Awards. With their integration with Marketo, PFL recently won the Launch Point Innovator Award for one of the best integrations with Marketo. “Sending physical product is as easy as sending an email. It can be triggered and timely.”
  • What PFL’s Client are Doing. “Clients are leveraging the solution to get in the door with a physical, dimensional piece. For example, lead scoring can trigger an event that sends out a high impact marketing piece (SWAG, mug, pen, etc.).  These gifts help marketers get in the door.”
  • Biggest Challenges. “To get people to think about direct marketing as a channel.”
  • Skiing Big Sky or Fly-fishing? “Depends on the time of year but I am much more of a skier than a fisherman.”

To summarize, automated direct mail is the next evolution of direct mail where the digital and physical world merge together. Learn more at

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