An award-winning marketing
framework, PLUS revenue-boosting

The Gold Standard +

We’ve taken our proven best practice framework, The Gold Standard, and expanded it to include partner solutions that increase revenue potential for clients. While Marketo, Iterable, and other marketing technology platforms contain powerful built-in functionality, our clients have realized even greater success and efficiency with niche products supporting content, video marketing, direct mail, lead routing, and lead integration.

What Is The Gold Standard PLUS?

With Gold Standard PLUS, you get Digital Pi’s acclaimed blueprint for measurable and repeatable marketing, PLUS full-service support for partner solutions that drive revenue potential, including:

Content – UberFlip
Video Marketing – 23
Direct Mail – PFL
Lead Routing – LeanData
Lead Integration – Integrate

Why Digital Pi?

When Marketo had to reimage its own instance, it leveraged the Digital Pi Gold Standard – proof that our best practice framework can help any organization establish a solid foundation to better manage their marketing operations. Gold Standard PLUS builds on our award-winning service, leveraging additional martech solutions and multi-channel marketing strategies to engage your audience at scale.


Gold Standard + Content

Create engaging content hubs and personalize your customers' content experience at every stage of the buyer journey.

Gold Standard + Direct Mail

Send high-impact, tactile marketing materials to create a remarkable customer experience that extends beyond the “like” button.

Gold Standard + Lead Routing

Optimize flows and improve sales processes by routing leads to the right accounts and sales reps with advanced lead-to-account matching.

Gold Standard + Lead Integration

Scale pipeline and increase marketing-attributed revenue with improved top-funnel demand generation strategies.

Gold Standard + Video Marketing

Build customized video hubs and landing pages in 4K HD, generate leads, track engagement, and host videos and webinars.