Awesome Insights From Bad Data

June 10, 2020 Tom Grubb

Everyone loves a beautiful marketing dashboard but, if the underlying data is wrong, what good are they? Dashboards based on bad data lead to misinformed decisions about where to improve ROI. You can’t stop bad data from happening, but you can manage it if you can see it. In this webinar, learn how marketing ops reports can help you tame bad data to drive good decisions. 

Watch and learn how to:

  • Turn bad data into gold by uncovering gaps in your marketing process that will improve your business.
  • Create key dashboards that bring vision into what works...and what doesn’t.
  • Leverage reports across Marketo, Salesforce, and other technologies to drive insights.
  • Communicate the right metrics with your leadership team!

About the Author

Tom Grubb

Tom Grubb is Chief Strategy Officer for Digital Pi, a leading Marketo Services Partner helping companies get the most value from their investment in marketing technology. Tom has over 20 years of marketing executive leadership including VP Product Marketing at Marketo. He has held marketing leadership positions at start-ups, mid-size and enterprise companies including Intuit, CA Technologies, ThreatMetrix (acquired by RELX), and co-founder of Bluecurve (acquired by Red Hat).

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