Using Dynamic Content and Segmentations to Send Tailored Messaging

October 13, 2015 Vivi Gehan

There is much debate around the over-use of emails in today’s digital marketing world, with some marketers boasting about their alternative tactics and astounding success of their clever direct mail pieces and singing telegrams. While it’s true that we do rely very heavily on email as a medium for communication, it’s important to recognize that it’s ok…so long as, among a few other key components, the messaging is relevant.

Relevance comes in many forms – you need to be relevant to the lead’s buying stage, job function, job level, industry, company size, and even language preference and other factors.

Fear not, fellow marketer – this doesn’t mean you need hundreds of versions of each email. Using dynamic content in your Marketo emails (and even landing pages!) allows you to display the appropriate version of the content depending on the lead’s segment. That means…one email asset with multiple variants built right into it!

Dynamic Content


The scenario pictured here shows how a dynamic Marketo email can display content for either Education or Healthcare audiences.

It takes a little bit of leg work, but the payoff is worth it. Once you define and build the segments in the lead database, and draft the appropriate content for each segment, your email marketing efforts will be well received and more successful than ever!

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