New May 2014 Marketo Release

@Marketo continues to improve its marketing automation platform to give marketing professionals more flexibility around campaign management.

The really good stuff around the Marketo calendar is coming this summer but here is a sneak peak of of what is scheduled for release in May coming this Friday (May 16, 2014).

Mobile Device Triggers & Filters – Segment and trigger off of leads opening and clicking emails from their mobile devices

REM Insight: Marketo continues to extend its reach into mobile. According to some recent stats we’ve seen, about 50% of email is accessed via mobile–that’s a pretty big number.

Schedule Engagement Program – Set the date for the first cast
REM Insight: This capability solves the problem where you want to kick off a followup email now but then want to add the person to an engagement stream. A great example of this is a trade show followup. You just got your scanned list and want to send a message today. Today, you’d have send that message outside of the engagement program. Now you can include that message as part of the stream. You still may want to send the email outside the stream but now you have that flexibility.

Delete Workspace – Remove unwanted empty workspaces

REM Insight: Great for Marketo organizations who have consolidated departments and no longer need the extra workspaces.

Enhanced Engagement Programs – Now everyone gets multiple programs, streams, and communication limits.

REM Insight: I always found it a little strange that Marketo charged for extra this capabilit. If your company recently upgraded to get multiple streams, you may want to give your rep a call.

Abort Campaign – Stop a smart campaign midway with this emergency ejector seat

REM Insight: Ever hit the Schedule button and realize you made a mistake about 1.4 seconds after hitting the button? This feature will help you get out of those sticky situations. As a best practice, I’d recommend  scheduling your campaigns for 10 minutes from now anyway “just in case.”

Additional Languages for Sales Insight – Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish

REM Insight: Marketo’s localization effort continues.

Text Only Link Tracking – Track Email links in the non-html version.

REM Insight: Historically, Marketo hasn’t tracked clicks of emails in text versions. Now Marketers have some additional options for tracking text formatted emails.

Analytics Updates

  • Program Membership Analysis Enhancements- Now view dates for Program Status and Success
  • A/B Tests in Email Analysis – Report on A/B test email variants
  • “Standard” Edition Enhancements – Revenue Cycle Modeler and Success Path Analyzer now included

REM Insight: Revenue Cycle Modeler and Success Path Analyzer are now included in MA Standard Edition so companies can begin to build their model like they could when RCA first came out.

Visit the Marketo Community for Details (Login Required)

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