Marketo Forms 2.0 Changes the Game


If you are a Marketo customer that has been waiting to revamp its forms, the wait is over. I recently got a sneak peak of Forms 2.0 and the new capabilities change the game for how data is collected.

Forms are the foundation for everything in Marketo–however, form functionality has not matched the robustness of Marketo’s other features. Over the years, there have been many requests for more flexibility around form creation. Forms 2.0 has bundled many of those requests into one release to boost form effectiveness. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can register for Tuesday’s webinar on how to use the new editor to streamline the landing page creation process.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014
10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET

This new editor enables marketers to easily implement robust designs and functionality that required JavaScript and HTML manipulation with the original editor.


So What’s New?


Some of these may or may not make the 2.0 forms release. I’ll update after the release becomes official.

  • A shinny new interface to improve usability.
  • Better control over the look of forms (e.g. no longer tied into using column based field setup.)
  • More control over validating form fields.
  • Ability to create dependent fields without creating complex java code. For example, “Car Make” field could drop down a dependent “Car model.”
  • More flexibility for embedding forms on your own pages.
  • Drafts so users can adjust forms without worrying about the changes going live.
  • Built-in data masking for forms that require passwords.

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