Coronavirus Letter From Digital Pi

To our Customers, Partners, and Colleagues:

Over the last few weeks, we have all seen drastic changes at work, at home, and at schools as COVID-19 has become more widespread. Digital Pi is are already 100% virtual so working from the safety of our homes is something we are used to and, like most organizations, we’ve put a hold on any non-essential business travel to protect the health of our employees.

In addition to ensuring the safety of our people, we are equally focused on the importance of continuing to deliver all of our services at the highest level while leveraging remote tools such as Zoom, Slack and others.

As a long-standing virtual company, some of you have reached out looking for advice on how to stay productive and positive while working remotely. A few of our team members, including myself, will discuss these topics next week in a virtual roundtable. If you need a little extra support during these times, I invite you to sign up below. 

Remote Work Roundtable – No Sales, No Marketo Tips… Real People Talking About Working Remotely in Today’s Times

We are living in a new world where remote work is the new normal. 

  • How do you remain productive?
  • How does the culture continue?
  • How does your company operationalize as a virtual existence?
  • How do you tell your dog to stop barking during calls?

ON DEMAND WEBINAR now available! 

Our team remains committed to your success, so please continue to reach out for anything you need during this time. We are here to help.

Ryan Vong
President & CEO

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