The Gold Standard

How do you get Marketing Automation right…every single time? As marketing technologists, we knew there had to be a better way to infuse the experiences won through dozens of Marketo projects into a best-in-breed architecture, that we push ourselves to develop continuously. That’s the Gold Standard. It’s not the first solution we developed, it’s the current state of a solution that evolved from a constant cycle of trial, test, and improvement.

it is the standard by which we measure our work.

The Digital Pi Gold Standard provides 12 foundational processes that are key to adopting marketing automation.


Key components are located and operate from one place in a global architecture.


All components are designed to operate together toward common purpose.


All core functionality is included from design to implementation.


Enable or support new people, departments, or new requirements better and faster.

customized for each client from known baseline architecture

Speeds development process

Accelerates customer learning and adoption

Produces a more reliable, cohesive configuration

Easier to troubleshoot root causes

a few of our awesome clients

The company you keep

We are a group of experienced marketers, who just happen to know Marketo inside and out. Our team is incredibly diverse, with hands-on experience and deep expertise. Above all, we strive to be useful and effective for our partners…and to top it off, we’re a pretty interesting and friendly bunch. Check us out

“Digital Pi hires really smart people who understand business processes and can answer any question, even if you ask something outside of the box. They were focused on our success.”

Rod Sonneborn / Marketing Operations Manager, Availity

“Digital Pi helped us on both an execution level and on a strategic level. They worked to set our foundation and establish fundamentals. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Graham Aristide / Marketing Operations Manager, A10 Networks

“Digital Pi had a very programmatic, methodical approach, their gold standard, in which they took a very open and flexible platform like Marketo and distilled it into a pretty straightforward process that we could manage and predict. Their standardized approach worked quite well for us.”

Ed Colonna / VP, Marketing & Business Development, Pepperdata