The Golden Ticket: Global Lead Scoring for Scalability in Marketo

EDITOR’S NOTE: This webinar on global lead scoring in Marketo originally appeared as session 5 at Digital Pi’s Marketo Top Tips event October 28-29 2020

Everyone has shifting business goals, especially given the year we’ve had. But no matter what your strategy is for 2021, it’s always the right time to build an intelligent, global lead scoring architecture to power your MQLs.

In this session, we’re joined by Anna Overly, who recently implemented a global lead scoring setup at Momentum Telecom. Anna and Stephanie Green, Digital Pi Senior Manager of Client Services, discuss not only the basics of lead scoring, but also how to design for scale, and, importantly, how to get your sales team on board.

Benefits of Global Lead Scoring

There’s a good chance you invested in Marketo for its lead scoring capabilities. Scoring can help you better understand which marketing tactics are working—and which aren’t. It can help you achieve MQL or “Marketing Qualified” status and helps sales know which leads to prioritize. The list of benefits is long, so we’ll focus on the importance of thinking globally.

Optimize Your Scoring Campaigns

During this session, we cover many scoring best practices, including the value of creating a global architecture. We’ll cover how to start from scratch as well as how to revamp an existing scoring campaign. Next, we dive into which behaviors should be captured and how you qualify records to ensure they are sales-ready. Moreover, we’ll offer tips to improve your Marketo efficiency, avoid common pitfalls and standardize reporting.

Watch the on-demand session and learn how to maximize global lead scoring in Marketo.

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