Centralize Marketo and Simplify Your Martech Stack for Greater Success

EDITOR’S NOTE: This webinar on creating a smart martech stack in Marketo originally appeared as session 6 at Digital Pi’s Marketo Top Tips event October 28-29, 2020

A balanced martech stack will save you money and avoid headaches. Moreover, centralizing Marketo in your tech stack can improve efficiencies and reduce bottlenecks. To help you strike a balance, check out this discussion with AJ Sedlak, Senior Manager of Marketing Automation and Tecnology at Poly.

Map Your Martech Stack

The POLYVERSE of Martech, Poly's Stackie-award winning design, illustrates their marketing toolset and how each piece relates to the whole.
The POLYVERSE of Martech was selected for a 2020 Stackie Award by chiefmartec.com

The first step to a simplified martech stack is to map your existing technology. Start simple. Grab a pencil and paper, write down all your existing marketing tools and then draw lines to illustrate their connections. Next, recreate your doodle digitally. You can go big with a beautiful illustration like Poly, or you can keep it simple with a flowchart. The important thing is to capture how each technology works with the others.

In this session, AJ shares how the Poly team created “The POLYVERSE of Martech.” This beautiful and informative illustration received 2020 Stackie Award award recognition And we can see why! The Poly customer is in the middleof the polyverse, but take note of how Marketo is central to their martech stack.

Centralize Marketo, Then Identify Gaps

Once you have illustrated your marketing toolset, it’s time to identify any gaps that can be filled with new technology. Conversely, are there any overlaps that can be eliminated to reduce redundancy and save money?

This webinar includes the 5 questions you should ask when considering new technology. You’ll also learn how to make a business use case for introducing new tools.

The Right Tools at the Right Time

It’s easy to get carried away by flashy new technology that promises to solve all of your troubles. However, not every tool will be right for your team, or perhaps just not at this time.

In addition to discussing how to evaluate new technology, AJ and Jenn discuss when (and why) you should not add to your martech stack.

Keep Marketo Central & Your Stack Balanced

So you’ve evaluated the technology and determined it is a good time to add to your stack. Now, how do you ensure you won’t disrupt the delicate ecosystem that is your stack? This webinar includes the 4 steps key to planning for stack changes.

In conclusion, even the smallest change to your martech stack requires diligent planning. Not only do you need to introduce a new tool, you’ll need to consider company-wide processes and integrations. We can help. Watch this session to learn how to centralize Marketo and balance your martech stack.

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