There’s a Script for That! Harness the Power of Marketo JavaScript APIs

EDITOR’S NOTE: this webinar on custom Marketo scripts was originally broadcast as Session 4 in Digital Pi’s Marketo Top Tips Event October 28-29, 2020.

Have ever struggled to get Marketo’s out-of-the-box functionality to do exactly what you want? There’s a script for that! Watch this marketer-friendly geek session to learn how to harness the power of Marketo Javascript APIs to create many technical solutions to common Marketo challenges.

Javascript Brings Endless Possibilities

When it comes to custom scripts and Marketo, if you can dream it, you can do it. Open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities in this lightning round of use cases. Using JavaScript with Marketo’s Munchkin and MktoForms2 APIs, Jason Slavin, Adobe, and Jon Bourne, Digital Pi, tackle a myriad of issues. For example:

Furthermore, we talk through customizing forms’ button text and redirecting URLs based on the page that the form is on. Lastly, we cover pushing YouTube video views into Marketo for even better analytics! 

Get Started with Marketo Javascript APIs

In conclusion, integrations and custom scripts may be complicated, but they can make your Marketo operate the way you envision it. Are you ready to employ JavaScript in your Marketo? Download a free, custom script to help consistently track UTM parameters on Marketo forms.

Want to do even more with Marketo’s MktoForms2 and Munchkin APIs?Check out these resources to create custom form functionality, capture custom engagement metrics and more. Tap into Marketo’s Javascript APIs and do more with less.

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