Why Marketo Acquired Insightera – The Complete Content Journey

This morning, Marketo announced that is was acquiring Insightera, a real-time personalization platform for websites and mobile applications.  The platform helps personalize content to increase engagement and conversions.

Marketo already offers funnel optimization capabilities such as segmentation and visitor tracking so why bring Insightera aboard?  The answer — relevant content is king and the Marketo/Insightera relationship enables marketers to optimize the conversation for the full lifecycle of the buying  journey. Let’s dive into an example.

Once a lead enters the funnel, Marketo excels at helping marketers deliver email content that is relevant through the use of segmentation (firmographic data that drives campaigns). For example, if John Smith is an oil industry executive, he could receive a string of emails that promote how his oil company would benefit from a certain product. His landing pages could even be customized based on his segment to improve the online conversation.  However, this type of personalization only happens AFTER John fills out a form and supplies his data.

What if John is perusing the site and hasn’t yet provided his information?  This is where the power of Insightera comes in.  Insightera starts the personalized communications earlier in the funnel so the conversation starts sooner. B2B marketers can display their best performing and most relevant content to online visitors based on the visitor’s company, industry and actual behavior – even if they’re anonymous. In John’s case, if he started visiting a set of oil-industry related pages, Insightera would start displaying an oil-industry focused offers to help transition him to the next stage of the buying  journey.

Insightera is an integrated partner in Marketo’s LaunchPoint ecosystem and their solution continues to be available for immediate purchase. According to Marketo, once the acquisition is final, Marketo will begin selling Insightera’s products without interruption, first under the Insightera brand, and soon as a Marketo product.

The above example is just one use case for the Insightera/Marketo relationship. Insightera can also help Marketo customers with account based marketing to expand customer relationships. For more details, read the original press release at www.marketo.com or watch the case study below.

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