Video Marketing 101 with Ian Hutchinson of Vidyard

Last year the amount of video from people and brands in Facebook’s News feed increased 3.6X year-over-year. Hubspot Blog

As technology and people continue to evolve, so do marketing tactics. Video marketing has clearly begun to take charge as one of the more popular marketing platforms today. Five years ago, it was blogging that really took hold and now, videos are part of most business’s content marketing mix.

Show, Don’t Tell…and Make it a Little Funny

It enables strong storytelling in a short but memorable format that viewers can enjoy—and marketers can measure. Marketing Profs

This emphasis on showing not telling is what is driving video marketing. Companies cannot rely on their consumers to read everything they send out, blog about, or anything else that requires telling. Video is a much better way to grab someone’s attention and make it memorable…and funny.

Television commercials are one of the best examples. The ones that are short, provoke a pleasant emotion, and trigger something in your mind that will associate that pleasant emotion with the product, are the most properly executed commercials. And this is just the same with video marketing.

Look at upstart razor manufacturer, Dollar Shave Club.  It used YouTube in 2012 to spring board its business by featuring its CEO Michael Dubin giving a hilarious tour of the Dollar Shave Club warehouse. The video sparked a buying frenzy with 12,000 orders in a two-day span.  As of July 2015, the video has received over 19 million views on Youtube. The company is now worth $615 million.

Getting Started with Video Marketing

Watch the video here.

Vidyard is a video marketing platform that allows businesses to see real results from their customers. These results are things such as: how many views a video got, how long a person watched the video for, etc.  Today, we sit down with Ian Hutchinson and learn some insights on video marketing.

  • Engagement. “Engagement is one of the huge points people are talking about and I’m not surprised to see video being a stronger topic here. And it correlates pretty well with engagement.”
  •  Tell us about the next step. How can a company get started with video? “Great question. And it’s a question that a lot of organizations are trying to wrap their heads around. It’s like blogging was 5 years ago, it’s a new thing. Understand your audience and respect their time. Be short and to the point. And bring your personality, have some fun with it.”
  • Some Video Tips. “You have to recognize that B2B content marketing is significantly different than entertainment and media. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring your personality. If it’s a serious video, bring some fun into it. Whether that means it’s a serious video, whether there’s a sense of humor to it. Loosen up and have fun. Be real, be genuine. That’s a rule to content marketing as well. “
  • Let’s talk about Vidyard. What are the problems you’re solving for your clients today? “Understanding the buyer journey. We’re essentially bringing that into video so that video can be a measurable piece of content to make your marketing goals. Whether it be engagement, lead generation, or 360 ROI on your video content.”
  • It provides some analysis on how successful videos are in the overall lifecycle? “Yeah. Marketing insights, Sales insights, it’s all part of the puzzle to understand which accounts and which individuals are engaged with your content and to trigger the appropriate follow-up.”

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