Top Takeaways from Marketo Summit 2018

Marketo Summit 2018 brought all the great marketing sessions, speakers and parties. More than that, the Marketo Summit is about the people. The friends you make at lunch, the things you learn in elevators–Marketo enthusiasts are truly a community.

For me, this year brought a different experience as the RevEngine Marketing team came together with the Digital Pi team. Thank you everyone for all the well wishes.

Watch the official highlights video below.

1) Acquisitions Take Center Stage

Digital Pi Acquires RevEngine Marketing. This one is obviously closest to my heart. Getting the two teams together brings the Marketo expertise to a whole other level.  With 50 of the best marketing/Marketo minds in the business, I can’t wait for all of our collective teams to help Marketo clients reach success. Read My Story.

Marketo Acquires Bizible. Initial thought–it’s about time.  Marketo’s RCE reporting is like my dad’s iPhone 5. Yes, the solution works but it’s dated. Bizible is like the new iPhone X with all the bells and whistles when it comes to attribution reporting. We’ll see how it all comes together in the next six months. Read the Announcement.

Radius and Leadspace Join Forces. Predictive marketing and data are interlocked.  Both of these companies do something special in these areas so coming together makes sense. According to the press release, Radius will be the nucleus that powers data and intelligence across all B2B applications, channels, and users.  Read the Announcement.

2) Speakers were Awesome

This year, Lindsay Vonn and Jamie Fox shared stories about their journeys.

As an avid skier, I specifically liked how Vonn talked about the influence of her family on her skiing success. Obviously, she fit the “fearless” theme as she cruises down ski slopes at 90 mph regularly.

Hugely entertaining and inspiring interview with Lindsey Vonn. Covered everything from working hard, striving for big things and setting goals and overcoming champagne related injuries, plus a few others. Super impressive. #MKTGNation

— Ben Scott (@benscottdigital) May 1, 2018

Lindsey Vonn’s biggest failure is not failing but not trying hard enough or not being prepared enough. I can relate to that as a runner. 🏃‍♀️#MKTGnation #FearlessMarketer

— Satu Ståhlstedt (@SatuStahlstedt) May 1, 2018

I’ll never forget the early days of Fox in In Livin Color. He talked about how he always had to bring his A game to earn time on a show that included the likes of Jim Carey and  Keenen Ivory Wayans.

“If you spend too much time hanging on to your fears, it’s gonna keep you from doing something incredible” says Jamie Fox #MKTGnation

— Ben Coffee (@CoffeeMeing) April 30, 2018

3) The Marketo Summit Parties Rocked

To blow off a little steam, there was plenty of post-session activity. Compared to last year, there were 10+ parties over the course of the event. The second night was all about Marketo’s featured party with Flo Rida.

Featured Event with Flo Rida

Marketo went back to the convention center venue for its Flo Rida event.  I was hoping Marketo would mix up the venue since we spend all day in the convention center but I get it. Where else do you host 6,000 marketers for a mega concert?

Flo Rida didn’t disappoint. He sang all the hits like My House and Low. The crowd went a little nuts when he invited some of the crowd on stage. The Marketo exec team tried to show off their best dance moves–some good, some not so good.

Flo Rida then got on one of his band member’s shoulders and headed off into the crowd. How he ended up in the exact spot of the RevEngine/Digital Pi team members is beyond me.

Lead from the front! @marketo CEO @nstevenlucas rocking #MKTGnation w @official_flo

— Drew Neisser – The CMO Whisperer (@DrewNeisser) May 3, 2018

Thanks @marketo for putting on another amazing night!! #MKTGNation #Fearless #FloRida

— Kristy Murphy (@marketingmurphy) May 2, 2018

The @Digital314 team getting down with @official_flo @SpunkyScientist @ande_kempf @jenndimaria

— Jeff Coveney (@RevEngineMarket) May 2, 2018

The Hottest Party–The Speakeasy Experience

RevEngine Marketing kicked off the festivities by co-hosting the hottest party at the Marketo Summit at Local Edition along with Knak, PFL and LeanData. With the popularity of past parties, this year’s party was at capacity after 30 minutes–even after finding a place that held 40% more folks than last year.

Thanks to everyone who attended and we’ll try to get an even bigger place for next year when we hit Vegas. One tip for the future–if you really want to get in, show up early OR come later. If you try to come an hour after the party starts, you most likely won’t get in as it’s one in/one out.

Msg me for the secret word to get in the speakeasy😉 (not really, it’s a secret-I’ll never tell) #MKTGnation @heinzmarketing @taylorenfinger

— Sarah Rossborough (@SarahShelnut) April 25, 2017

Other Great Parties

ABM: All ‘Bout Margaritas Party

We’ve got over 300 Fearless Marketers at the #ABMargs party! Thanks to @Terminus @BrightFunnel, @SigstrApp and @Uberflip for the best #ABM party at #MKTGNation.

— Justin Keller (@justinkeller) May 2, 2018

ABM Jackpot Party

Fun night at the ABM Jackpot Party #ABM #MKTGNATION @Engagio

— Chandra Patel (@chandra930) May 1, 2018

4) Watch for Trends

Here are a few trends I saw that you might want to keep an eye on for the next year.

  • New Look Marketo – Code name Marketo Sky is coming with a completely new interface. It’s supposed to come out in Beta in Q2 2018. But don’t get excited yet. A new interface was announced at last year’s Marketo Summit so these things sometimes take a little more time.

@Marketo Sky, the Mona Lisa of marketing dashboards – available EOM! Exciting times! #mktgnation #fearlessmarketer

— Janice Lee (@JaniceRitaLee) April 30, 2018

.@Marketo announces Marketo Sky, a brand new way of experiencing Marketo. #MKTGnation #Solvis

— Solvis Consulting (@solvis) April 30, 2018

  • Analytics and Insights – Yes, Sky will bring new dashboards but the Bizible announcement took analytics up another level.

Exciting product announcements from @marketo! Sneak peak: reporting by channel. Webinars are at the top for highest converting! #MKTGnation

— ON24 (@ON24) April 25, 2017

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Marketo is continuing to invest in the AI space to further personalization and engagement.

I got to witness in person at #MKTGnation. Using AI to better personalize and segment audiences.

— Elisabet Helgason (@EHelgason) May 3, 2018

Ready to commit to Marketo Summit 2019? Vegas

Looking to mix things up a bit, Marketo is changing the date and location of Marketo Summit 2019. The Marketo Summit returns to Las Vegas in 2019.  Now we have more options for unique party venues

Over the next few months, look for video interviews with industry leaders and marketing practitioners like Steve Moody and David Pitta. Make sure to sign up for blog updates to get insights on the latest marketing trends.

If I missed anything, please make sure to comment below. See you next year.

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