Top Takeaways from FlipMyFunnel Boston [Video]

So what is this #FlipMyFunnel event? Is it some new drinking game the college kids are getting into? Although that concept sounds interesting, this #FlipMyFunnel event focuses on providing education on emergence of account-based marketing strategies (ABM).

Read on for some of the top takeaways of the latest event held in Boston. To get a deeper dive, also check out Zak Pines’ 20 loosely connected takeaways.

What is #FlipMyFunnel?

The #FlipMyFunnel event was started by Sangram Vajre, the CMO of Terminus. Events are held regionally to educate marketers on the benefits of account-based marketing.

In a nutshell, traditional marketing focuses on acquiring new leads, nurturing them and driving them to revenue. ABM shifts that focus to the account to help marketing and sales drive activities to top accounts–this methodology flips the funnel to drive engagement and advocacy of top targets.

Top Boston #FlipMyFunnel Takeaways

New Venue: Convention Center

Last year, the event was held at Laugh Boston in an intimate setting with roughly 150 attendees. This year, event attendance skyrocketed with 500+ marketers at the Boston Convention Center. This growth shows that interest in account based marketing is growing steadily.

A-List Speakers Hit the Stage

The #FlipMyFunnel event brought in the A-listers in marketing to discuss the evolution of the marketing funnel and the emergence of ABM.

From Maria Pergolino to Scott Brinker to Craig Rosenberg to Jill Rowley to Jon Miller to Vajre, there were over 40 speakers sharing ABM best practices.

Packed room for @madisonlogic @social123 @triblio & @6senseInc panel at #FlipMyFunnel

— Nikki Nixon (@techmarketeratl) August 11, 2016

Excitement is Building

I heard from some attendees that this is the year that companies will start to bring in the technology to support ABM. Other attendees commented that the market is still in the awareness stage. “I’m just seeing what this ABM thing is all about” was a comment I heard a few times.

No matter which side of the fence you are on, ABM is definitely a big buzzword. Companies are definitely putting a higher focus on ABM this year in preparation for 2017.

Another proof point of the growth: Jon Miller’s Engagio just closed $22 million in series B funding.

Why Account Based Marketing? #ABM #FlipMyFunnel

— Tony Yang (@tones810) August 11, 2016

The Account-Based Marketing Ecosystem is Growing

Last year, there were only a handful of organizations exhibiting at the event. Today, that list has grown to 30+ with companies like Engagio, Terminus, LeanData, Vidyard and more.

The Parties

To blow off a little steam, there was plenty of post session activity. The after party was held at the Laugh Boston where Rhett Price rocked it out on his violin.

@rhettypants is KILLING it! #FlipMyFunnel

— #FlipMyFunnel (@FlipMyFunnel) August 12, 2016

Recap of #FlipMyFunnel ABM Event

To summarize, it was great catching up with friends and gaining some new insights on the account-based marketing market.

My latest take is the market is still very early from a technology and adoption perspective. Companies are already practicing some ABM (e.g. focused emails to top accounts) but the integrated approach across marketing and sales is yet to come.

No word on the dates on next year but if this year is any sign, I expect we’ll see continued growth as excitement builds for 2017.

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